Guardians of the Galaxy Unveils Peter Quill Has The Powers of A God

We love Guardians of the Galaxy because of its unique concept. A group of misfits learns to live with and love each other. All of them are special in their kind, and the two film series have shown the complexities which they adore. But for now, we will not focus on the entire group or even movies. We will jump right into the comics, and maintain our sole focus on Peter Quill, a.k.a., Star-Lord. Peter has always had the Element Gun by his side, but recent years have seen the comics ignore this weapon to focus on him as more of a space pirate than a cosmic superhero. But Ewing’s tenure on the book has reexamined Quill’s origin, reawakening his memories of the Master of the Sun – a powerful being whose involvement in Star Lord’s origins have been downplayed for the majority of his modern adventures.

Though Peter eventually learns that his Element Gun siphoned away from the evil gods’ power, and has been releasing a little more each time it is used, the comic hints that the guns may actually be just one expression of Peter’s power set – one which may not have any natural limits.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 which is written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Juan Cabal, has now entirely redefined Star-Lord, by putting the hero through an almost one-hundred-and-fifty-year adventure that saw him explore his powers and place in the world, returning just in time for the King in Black event with a whole new relationship to his name, purpose, and powers. The issue reveals that Peter Quill’s apparent death in Guardians of the Galaxy #2 wasn’t as it appeared. Instead, Star-Lord’s Element Gun absorbed the energy of the evil Gods of New Olympus, shunting him into a new dimension known as Morinus. There, Peter falls in love with two nomadic fights named Mors and Aradia, becoming a wandering freedom fighter while getting to grips with exactly what the Element Gun can do.

The comic also explores the words of the Master of the Sun, a godlike being whose name is synonymous with Peter’s title of Star-Lord, but who warns he may not be what he seems. Peter’s partner Aradia reflects that the Master’s words are like something from a fairy tale, and his explanation that, “The weapon is invincible! The one weakness in working your will is you!” seems to suggest that Star-Lord’s elemental powers maybe his own, channeled through the Element Gun simply because that limitation helps him cope with a far grander situation. It’s possible Peter had godlike power even before he literally stole it from the Gods of New Olympus.

This huge reinvention of the character is definitely interesting and hearkens back to the very roots of Peter Quill and the idea of a lone adventurer truly making space his own. Ewing’s reconfiguration of his basic components in Guardians of the Galaxy #9 takes the character to new heights while sticking religiously to what has come before.

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