10 Female Superheroes in The MCU Without Superpowers

Female Superheroes Without Superpowers:

The most badass superheroes in the MCU are women. Their calm and silent demeanor makes their minds completely impenetrable. If you ever mess with them, they will destroy you without breaking much sweat. They have dedicated their lives, hard work, and talents towards the greater good and to protect the innocents. But unlike most of the heroes who were born and bestowed with superhuman powers, these women get on the field and defend the world without any such cosmic powers. They were gifted with the strengths of a human and have honed those strengths to their maximum capabilities. Their genius brains or combat training has deemed them fit to stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes who have enhanced powers. To be honest, they haven’t even had the need to enhance their abilities. Find out the 10 female superheroes in the MCU without superpowers.

 1. Maria Hill

It’s high time that the MCU recognizes Maria’s work and gives her the due credit. While the Avengers take the spotlight as the mighty heroes, Maria does all the crucial work behind the scenes. She has been both muscles and brains of the team. She saved the team’s butts during the Battle of New York in The Avengers, Battle of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow definitely owed their lives to her in Captain America; the Winter Soldier.

 2. Peggy Carter

Female Superheroes Without Superpowers

Peggy is one of the earliest women who broke the ceiling and found the S.H.I.E.L.D. She was a soldier during WWII and became a beacon of hope for many young girls. Steve Rogers took the Super Soldier Serum to be eligible to fight for the country but Peggy was a hero since day 1 who also guided Rogers in his path to becoming Captain America.

 3. Okoye

Female Superheroes Without Superpowers
Female Superheroes Without Superpowers

An enemy will think twice before attacking the king of Wakanda because of the Dora Milaje. Okoye is an intimidating kings-guard who will make the person regret even setting eyes on the king. She has dedicated herself completely to her duties for her country. Her rigorous training with the Vibranium spear makes her the ultimate protector of the throne.

 4. Pepper Potts

Pepper’s biggest strengths are her confidence and human skills. She is a multitasker who runs a huge corporation, handles her subordinates, and deals with the politics and competitors gracefully. No matter how much pressure you throw on her shoulders, she never displays it on her face and solves every crisis like a wizard. Besides running the Stark Industries, she provided the mental support to Tony Stark, helped him get through his toughest days, and also made him a better man. She also showed bravery in joining the ultimate war in Endgame in her Rescue suit.  And we can never forget her lethal wit when she called one of Tony’s nightstand trash.

 5. Hope van Dyne

Facts About Evangeline Lilly

Hope was always the hero that the movie needed even before she got her own Wasp suit. Ant-Man and Scott Lang wouldn’t have accomplished his tasks if it hadn’t been for Hope guiding him. Ant-Man owes a big time to Hope for training him in combat and strategic thinking. She is a tough double-agent on the work front but is also a kind and warm woman.

 6. Jane Foster

Natalie Portman

Jane studied and understood the deepest mysteries of life before the world or S.H.I.E.L.D learned about Thor. She is an intelligent scientist who cracked the wormhole without anyone else on Earth could. Apart from her exceptional mind, Jane also showed bravery when the S.H.I.E.L.D attacked her and tried to seize her work and technology. Her powers will see no limits as she is now set to become the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder.

 7. Nakia

From brains to heart and combat skills, Nakia has it all to become a hero and a leader. It was impressive how she could hold up a fight with an upgraded Killmonger even if it was a short period. She also convinced T’Challa to open the gates of Wakanda and provide strength and support to the underdeveloped and oppressed nations in need

 8. Shuri

Female Superheroes Without Superpowers

If there is anyone who can replace Tony Stark in the lab, it is Shuri the tech wizard. She is the genius brain behind the technologically advanced Wakanda. Imagine the degree to which she can enhance the heroes and technology of the earth with her inventions. Apart from her unmatched level of intellect, Shuri had also shown courage on the battlefield. She’d be a pretty cool superhero with her brains and humor.

 9. Black Widow

Unlike her comic book character, the MCU Natasha Romanoff didn’t get any enhanced powers from the Red Room technology. What made her formidable were her combat training and strategic thinking. She was tough and never feared any power in front of her. Black Widow displayed surprising abilities during the battle of New York in The Avengers and Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. She has fought against androids and Gods with her assassin skills and strengths and had the honor to sacrifice her life to save the world.

 10. Helen Cho

Female Superheroes Without Superpowers
Female Superheroes Without Superpowers

Avengers owe their biggest superhero to Helen Cho who gave life to Vision. Despite facing the risk of losing her life, Cho prevented Ultron from transferring his conscience to Vision’s body and becoming an invincible villain.  Even though this genius scientist had a short-screen time, she saved Hawkeye by creating the “Regeneration Cradle”.

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