Was Thanos Joking When He Said, “Should’ve Aimed For The Head”?

Avengers Infinity War was the movie that Marvel studios risked everything on. It was not because the movie was set to kick off the beginning of the end of phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies but because the movie was going to showcase a character with twisted motivations as it’s centerpiece. Yes, I am, in fact, talking about the Mad Titan Thanos and his crazy motivations to end half of all life in creation. An endeavor that the tyrant of the dark quadrant barely completed during the events of Avengers: Infinity War. As the movie progressed, it seemed highly likely that no matter what the Avengers do, they will not be able to take down the infinity gauntlet powered Thanos, no matter what.

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But then, suddenly, when all hope seemed lost Thor jumped into the fray of the battle with his Stormbreaker and new kingly God of Thunder powers and impaled the Mad Titan through his chest with the sharp end of the hammer/axe. The entire perception of the Mad Titan’s might change when this incident took place at the end of the movie. And how does the mightiest being react to being impaled with a Thunder powered axe? He simply sighed and said, “You should’ve aimed for the head” and then snapped his fingers ending half of all life in creation.

So the question (as raised by a Quora user, link below) is ‘[SPOILER] In Infinity War, when Thanos tells Thor “You should have aimed for the head,” is Thanos joking or is he being sincere?’. The top rated answer is by Iris Bliss (A Quora user who studies HND Law at Birmingham City University) and she is of the opinion that Thanos is decidedly not joking.  

Iris talks about how Thanos walks through almost all of the ‘superheroes’ all throughout the movie and then is overpowered by Thor even when he has the power of all six infinity stones at his fingertips. Iris is of the opinion that during the majority of the events of Avengers: Infinity War Thanos is just playing around with the Avengers but it is at the time when he is impaled by Thor that the Mad Titan finally goes into the ‘no bullshit’ mode.

That is the reason that the tyrant of the dark quadrant chooses to snap his fingers without countering Thor’s attack because he wishes to complete his task now that he knows that there is an avenger mighty enough to oppose the power of the infinity stones.

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That is the reason that Thanos is decidedly not joking because he might be at the precipice of losing this battle and reaching a point where all his effort was for naught (because Thor has already impaled the Mad Titan even when he had all the six infinity stones). Do you think Iris is correct? We believe so, but we at QuirkyByte also have something to add to this fan speculation on the story of Infinity War.


First of all, let us address the fact why it is important to judge Thanos’ mentality during the events of the final close quarters combat. Well, for one thing, Thanos’ mentality tells us that even after the Mad Titan acquired all six stones he was not able to gauge the arrival of Thor. Thanos underestimated the God of Thunder, even more so, the Titan misjudged how much the Asgardian could grow and he even misjudged how much force was required to kill him.

It is certainly amazing how the God of Thunder survived after an assault by the black order and Thanos himself and then a subsequent blast by the power stone. No one survives the genocide that Thanos put Asgard through, no one. I guess you could explain Thanos’ misjudgment’s that way but is that really the case? Did Thanos really not see Thor coming or did the Titan hold back intentionally to draw in Thor so he could safely snap his fingers and bring about the doom of our creation.

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We don’t know, we can’t know, but Iris seems to think that all of it happened as it would have. What do you, as the fandom, think? Is Thor really going to be a game changer come Avengers: Endgame? Did Thanos want to DIE at the hands of the God of Thunder? Was he just joking, or was he dead serious? I guess we will have to wait for April 26 , 2019 just to be sure.

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