5 Most Amazing Superhero Entrances of All Time

The first impression is a very important thing, and when it is about superheroes, one needs to have, as Deadpool says it, “Superhero Entrance”. So here is a list of amazing superhero entrances from the DC and Marvel films

Wonder Woman


After being there al along in the film Batman VS Superman as Diana Prince, Wonder Woman wasn’t expected to make a great entrance as her alter ego, but boy!! She entered and how, deflecting Doomsday’s heat vision with her shield and saving Batman’s life along with that background music of hers, she killed it just by entering how she did, leaving even Batman and Superman startled.



When a feared “Where are you?” is answered by the husky whisper, saying, “here”, one is bound to pee his pants. Well this was the entrance of Batman in Batman Begins, swinging through shadows, fighting the thugs, Batman makes slight appearances, he can be notably seen up close when he’s with the crime lord Carmine Falcone, and says, “I’m Batman.


This is one of the best entrances one has seen on the silver screen till date, it is when Tony stark runs out of patience and calls out Spidey, the teenage web slinger sure enters slick, stealing Cap’s shield just on entering and then webbing him up in the blink of an eye, and greeting everyone after that this dude made all the fans go crazy. Also, the exact comic book eyes. Oh my!!


Just when all hope is lost, and it is Lois Lane and her entire crew falling of the top of the building from a helicopter, there comes a man, showing the whole world and the audiences the ‘S’ on the chest. He not only saves Lois, but also lifts the helicopter by his other hand. This was the first time that a superhero was introduced on such a grand scale.


Nightcrawler’s entry in X-2 surely left fans awestruck. The dude gets caught due to his tail, that shows after which he drops the stealth and goes all teleporting and attacking the guards. He there with his slick moves and his peaceful mind being controlled kills it on screen.

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