Will Ikaris Return In Eternals 2? Here’s A Possible Answer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace in the last few years. Ever since the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the movie universe has shown no sign of slowing down even a little. Fans thought that there would be a break after the release of Endgame but things have only sped up more. In 2021, w have received 3 movies and 4 shows as of now with more content on the way before the year ends. Marvel seems to be going from strength to strength as evidenced by Zhao’s Eternals which was released just yesterday. The headliner of the movie was Ikaris, but after the movie’s end people have been asking “Will Ikaris return in Eternals 2?”

Eternals was a very different movie than we had anticipated. The move focused much more on character development than any of its predecessors. This meant that character motivations were clear to see and the character interactions were what drove the story and not the other way around. It is the sign of a great story when it unfolds because of the characters. So it made sense that Ikaris decided to sacrifice himself at the end of the movie because he thought he had failed his life’s mission. No one had more faith in Arishem’s plan than Ikaris himself.


What happens when faith like that is disproven, especially by those whom you call your family. You have no choice but to admit that you were wrong and pay the price for it. In Ikaris’ mind, this price was embracing death. But can Ikaris even die by flying into the Sun? Isn’t this Eternal supposed to be a tribute to Superman? If so, then the sun should only make him stronger. Let’s discuss this in a little more detail.

Will Ikaris Return In Eternals 2

Ikaris is seen burning away at the near end of the movie. It is his own version of repentance for the things he has done. The Eternal killed Ajak, his guide in life, and hurt Sersi, the love of his life. All for an outcome he could not achieve because his family stood against him and held him down. He even participated in the Uni-mind killing of the celestial Tiamut, whether unwittingly or not. After 7000 years of struggle, he could no longer tolerate failure and decided to punish himself.

This is not the coward’s way out, it is an act of extreme courage, to face the consequences of one’s own actions. There is only one small problem with this version of self-sacrifice. This comes from the fact that Ikaris is nigh invincible. There is not much that can harm Ikaris, he cannot be burnt, he cannot be killed by human powers and an onslaught of cosmic energy doesn’t do much to hurt him. So how can we be sure that he is dead just because he flew into the sun,

Moreover, we also believe that Ikaris has a role to play in Eternals 2. As things stand, Eternals 2 will focus on Arishem’s judgment of Sersi and the others in their action to kill Tiamut and save planet Earth. This may also involve sequences where the Eternals have to fight the celestial head-on. If this comes to pass then the Eternals will need Ikaris to support them. But Ikaris is more than support artillery. He also needs to accept the fact that The Celestials are not Gods, just as how Ajak understood it at the start of the emergence.


The Consequence

The character development of Ikaris needs to come full circle. He is currently in the first and second stages of grief, which are denial and pain. He needs to move on to the other stages and come out on the other side to accept the kind of Eternal he is going to be. If he wants to save the woman he loves then he must move on and accept things as they are instead of what he has been told for thousands of years. It is all a bit surreal but it is expected of a character of this stature.


More than anything, we want to see the Eternals reunited in Eternals 2. So Will Ikaris Return in Eternals 2? Yes he will, to facilitate the plot. Do you think this theory makes sense? Did we miss something? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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