10 Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes:

Disney has given us all great childhood memories with its amazing shows, cartoons, and films but when it comes to animation, Disney has set the bars high since its inception. Live-action remakes are all the rage now and it is another field where Disney has proved itself to be the leader. Many Disney live-action remakes have been made for the past few years and we are excited for all the upcoming ones as well.

 10. Lilo and Stitch

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

Two of the most fun-loving animated characters created by Disney are Lilo and her pet alien Stitch. The two make a dynamic duo and are extremely funny together, the success of the animated version was bound to encourage a live-action remake that will have a lot of CGI.

 9. Sword in the Stone

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

Another Disney classic getting a remake is ‘sword in the stone’ and even though it has not been confirmed whether the movie will get a theatrical release or not as it might go straight to the upcoming Disney streaming service. Nevertheless, it is still an exciting project for the production house. The movie will start filming in Ireland soon and is based on an ancient legend.

 8. Pinocchio

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

The story of a puppet who comes alive and sings songs is the most Disney setting ever. Pinocchio is loved by a young audience and therefore the remake will cater to them and will be made keeping the target audience in mind. There has been some issues as to who will write and direct the film so we cannot be sure of it yet and the project was announced a long time ago but there hasn’t been much information.

 7. The Jungle Book 2

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

After the huge success of Jon Favreau’s first Jungle book, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Disney is going to give us a sequel to the adventures of Mowgli and friends. After giving another successful CGI jungle story that is the ‘lion king’, Favreau is all set to take the reins on this one and we are pretty excited. The movie will delve deeper into Kipling’s work.

 6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

As long as we are talking about classics we must mention the one that started it all. Disney’s first princess film that changed the course of animation is all set to be remade into a live-action feature film. There has not been much information as to when the movie will start filming but it is definitely in the works for Disney.

 5. Peter Pan

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

JM Barrie’s classic has been adapted many times on the stage as well as on the screen but Disney’s classic animated film is still one of the best renditions of the story. David Lowery who did a great job directing the live-action Pete’s Dragon, is all set to take up this project and give us a fun adventure filled journey that we cannot wait to see.

 4. Lady and the Tramp

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

If you love watching adorable dog movies then you must be a fan of this one. This cute love story is finally getting a live-action remake which is a mix of CGI and some real animals. The movie is ready and might release at the end of 2019 or a bit later. The trailer was recently dropped and a lot of hype has been created for the movie which might be released on the Disney streaming service.

 3. Cruella

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

This one has been in the works for quite some time now and the casting is simply perfect. Starring Emma Stone, the film is based on the Disney classic ‘101 Dalmations’ story and particularly focuses on the villain Cruella De Vil who was a fashion designer who wanted to kill the Dalmation puppies to make a coat out of their fur. The movie is in production and will drop in winter 2020.

 2. Little Mermaid

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

Hope you are not already bored of Disney princess remakes because there is another one right at the corner. The little mermaid is being remade and young actress and singer Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel. The movie will be a musical like the animated version and will feature old songs along with some brand new ones with Lin Manuel Miranda on board. So get ready to dive into the ocean soon.

 1. Mulan

Upcoming Live Action Disney Remakes

Disney remakes are all the rage today and as the past few live-action remakes have proved, they are going nowhere. Mulan is one of the best Disney princess movies and soon we will get a live-action version. The movie was initially decided to be a non-musical but the fans convinced the makers to make it a musical just like the original animated version. The movie will hit theatres in 2020 after being delayed multiple times.

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