Here’s Why The Hulk Wears A New Suit In Avengers 4

Avengers 4 is going to be the biggest movie of all time. We know that this was being said for Infinity War, but as we all know, Avengers 4 will be the follow up to that movie, and it will be the culmination of the entire MCU as we know it. This movie will have an even bigger scale and scope, including even more characters than Infinity War, did as the characters who died are also expected to return in the movie, while new Supers and supporting characters are also expected to be there for this grand finale.

Infinity War opened up the ways for building up an even bigger plot in the next movie, and it has obviously left a lot of question in our minds which ask about the direction that the next movie will take to pursue certain aspects that were touched in the film. One of those big questions that prevail in our minds is related to the Green Goliath. In Infinity War we saw that Thanos kicked the crap out of the Hulk, left a big psychological scar upon him which will have an impact on his mind at least for a while. For the first time, we saw that the Hulk was actually afraid.

In Thor: Ragnarok we saw that the Hulk was himself for two whole years and Banner had not taken over, so he developed a liking for being the guy with the staring wheel, but after taking on Thanos, we saw that he did not want to come out. We saw the Hulk scream “No” twice as Bruce tried to summon him. But since Hulk has developed feelings other than Rage, he has felt something we never saw him feel, which is ‘fear’!

Avengers: Infinity War hulk thanos

One may argue that the Hulk is actually tired saving Bruce Banner’s every time and he is tired of fighting for him, but this was not that. The Hulk was beaten legitimately for the first time so we could see the fear in him, the terror of that happening again if he does come out. As Bruce Banner mentioned, the last 3 movies of Phase 3 which he will be a part of will be a 3 story arc for the Hulk. Till now we have seen two of those, and the Third one is yet to be done in Avengers 4.

From what we have seen till now, it seems that this three movie story arc is actually how a trilogy is built. Consider the Dark Knight Trilogy and relate it with Hulk’s story, In Ragnarok, The Hulk found a new way in life, and was pretty confident about himself being the hero, Infinity War gives him the fall. He is now afraid. Quoting lines from the Dark Knight trilogy, “Why do we fall? So that we can learn the strength to pick ourselves up.” And Bruce Banner did mention in Infinity War that he and Hulk have a lot to figure out in Avengers 4.

The new image of Avengers 4 that got released/ leaked shows Hulk wearing a suit like humans which caught the eye of everyone. So this possibly means that Banner and Hulk have figured things out. It gives us reason to believe that this will actually be the infamous Professor Hulk which has the genius intellect of Bruce Banner and the brutal power of the Hulk. But, the difference is that Banner is in control.

So if Banner does strike a deal with the Hulk, and the Hulk lets him lead the way, we could see the Professor Hulk thing happening. That’s where the suit of Hulk also comes into play. It would symbolize that Hulk is a part of the Avengers and also, it would have certain advantages like the suit being laced with something capable of triggering a transformation when Bruce needs it. A suit like this would be no big deal with the brilliant minds that are still alive in Avengers 4. Shuri, Banner, Stark and even Rocket if you think about it, they all are capable of building such a suit.

Hulk Wears A New Suit In Avengers 4

If we do get to see Professor Hulk, then Hulk would be the strongest ever. He would not be stronger than this, and that is what the third story arc is all about. Letting the character rise after the fall he took, and be the best at what he is, and possibly have a good enough retirement or farewell.

So let’s see what is in store for us in Avengers 4, which will come out on May 3.   

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