Marvel’s Evil Captain Marvel Actually Killed Her Own Mother

Captain Marvel Killed Her Own Mother:

DC keeps asking its fans what will happen if someone like Superman were to go rogue. They’ve given us the Injustice Comics and games to show us how an evil Superman could be so devastating. Zack Snyder was trying to take us to that direction, but he wasn’t allowed to. But as far as the Marvel movies are concerned, the only two individuals that have gone rogue are Hawkeye and the Hulk. Team Cap also went rogue in a way, but their actions didn’t harm civilians. In the same way, we could pose the question of what would happen if someone as strong as Captain Marvel were to become evil. Well, we’ve already witnessed a version of a dark Captain Marvel in the comics, so let’s check out her actions first.

After the Secret Invasion event of 2008, Marvel launched the Dark Avengers storyline where Norman Osborn took the lead as the Iron Patriot, and he formed a team of former villains which were turned into (anti)heroes. For those of you who are not aware, this is a team similar to DC’s Suicide Squad, and the other members of the team include former Mac Gargan )Scorpion) who was combined with the Venom Symbiote and became the team’s Spider-Man, Bullseye dressed as Hawkeye, the evil son of Logan (Daken) as Wolverine, and Moonstone as a dark replacement of Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel.

Captain Marvel Killed Her Own Mother

While these characters may have done a bit of good as the Dark Avengers, their pasts are truly evil. We’ve seen several instances for how evil Norman Osborn is. And Bullseye is another villain who has been quite wrongful in the past, on screen and off screen. But how evil was Moonstone prior to her Dark Avenger days?

Karla Sofen was a twisted psychologist who manipulated her clients into killing themselves. Once, she absorbed Moonstone into her own body and became one of the most dangerous and powerful Marvel villains. She has gone toe to toe with the likes of the Incredible Hulk, and can easily hold her own against any of the strongest Avengers. So, she isn’t someone who could be trifled with.

Captain Marvel Killed Her Own Mother

Back in Ms. Marvel #38, Norman Osborn conducted a Psych Evaluation test of every Dark Avenger, and to do that, Moonstone was sent to Doctor Gerald Wright. But the thing is that Doctor Wright was actually a telepath and Osborn wasn’t aware of his real intentions, which were to kill all the members of the Dark Avengers because of their villainous past. And when he was “treating” Moonstone, he came very close to killing her. Right as he was about to take Moonstone down for good with his telepathic abilities, he got distracting after learning what she did to her mother.

Here’s what Moonstone said about her mother when she was under Wright’s psychic control – “She gave me everything. Her whole life was spent making sure I had everything I needed. And how did I pay her back? I found this Moonstone, and I used it to become a bad, bad person.” Apparently, Karla’s mother was probably the only one who could’ve made her feel embarrassed about her villainous persona, so she saw no other choice but to kill her mother instead. Or else, her mother would’ve surely made Karla live with the guilt of what she had become. So, Karla (as Moonstone) burned the apartment after she suffocated her mother.

Captain Marvel Killed Her Own Mother

Dr. Wright was quite shocked looking at how Moonstone had killed her mother in the past and is now reliving the moment without any guilt. This shock allowed Moonstone to take control, and she took down Dr. Wright for invading her mind. It was clear that Moonstone had totally given in to the evil. We can only wish that Captain Marvel doesn’t go rogue in the MCU, or else the people of Earth will be doomed.

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