MCU Theory – Wanda & Pietro Were Always Mutants in The MCU

Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU:

Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch are the only two mutant characters that have appeared in the MCU. That’s because these are the two characters who have switched between the X-Men and Avengers multiple times. So, both Marvel/Disney and Fox had the rights to use them. But due to the legal issues, Wanda & Pietro couldn’t have been called mutants and they couldn’t have a connection with Magneto as well. Their parents in the MCU were just killed by an armed attack and there was never a hint revealing that they’re actually the kids of Magneto. But now that Disney has acquired Fox, Marvel has also got the X-Men and all the mutants. So, they could retcon Wanda & Pietro as mutants right from the beginning.

What is the basic difference between a mutant and a human? The mutants have an X-Gene present in their DNA which later leads to the mutants unlocking special abilities at some point in their lives. So, we have a theory stating that Wanda and Pietro also had this X-Gene right from the beginning. It is obviously possible that many others humans possess it as well. And, it was the Mind Stone that was crucial to fully transform the X-Gene and unlock its traits in the bodies of Wanda & Pietro.

Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU

If you would remember, Wanda & Pietro were two successes among many failures. Strucker used the Mind Stone to experiment on many people. But all those experiments failed. That has to be because those volunteers were regular humans, and the Maximoffs weren’t. Marvel now has the challenge to suddenly tell us how so many mutants have begun to appear across the globe all of a sudden. Our theory is that it has to do something with the Infinity Stones and the snaps that took place on Earth.

Right at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, Rocket said that when Thanos snapped, “Earth became ground zero for a power surge of ridiculously cosmic proportions”. So basically, there was a massive energy surge that all humans must have encountered. And this power surge came from not one, but 6 Infinity Stones. So it had to have some other effect apart from just dusting half of the people. Even Smart Hulk later stated that the radiation emitted from the Infinity Stones is mostly Gamma. We all know that exposure to massive Gamma radiation is what turned Banner into the Incredible Hulk. So, there is a major chance that Thanos’ snap could have unlocked the latent X-Gene in many humans (mutants).

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The ones who wouldn’t have become complete mutants by Thanos’ snap could’ve certainly turned into mutants with Hulk and/or Tony’s snap. So either way, the 5-year gap between Thanos & Hulk’s snap is extremely crucial as many survivors on Earth might have turned into mutants just like Wanda & Pietro were because of the Mind Stone. This is how Marvel could possibly explain the sudden arrival of many mutants.

We’ve recently got major evidence for Wolverine’s arrival through The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. While we know that the Weapon X experiment is probably yet to be conducted, we can be sure that Logan must have got his claws after Thanos, Hulk, or Tony’s snap. There cannot be any other reason. Marvel cannot have mutants to have existed with their powers from centuries because that spot will be taken by the Eternals. So, the story of the mutants has to be different from the Eternals. Hence, the Infinity Stones theory fits perfectly. Let’s see if it gets acknowledged.

If it will be acknowledged, then we will know by the time The Falcon and the Winter Soldier & WandaVision will arrive. Because The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is supposed to reveal a few mutants here & there, and WandaVision will give us the confirmation of whether Wanda & her brother were mutants since they were born. These two series are to arrive later this year.

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