4 Dumbest Gadgets of Batman You Don’t Know About

None other than Batman stood against the Mafia chieftain, Carmine Falcone, whose stronghold infected the city of Gotham. As after his parent’s death, he decides to don the black suit and become the cape crusader after the death of his parents. He is assisted by his high-tech mechanism and technical gadgets that he carries with him. And his Batmobile is an added monster in his kit. This seems so fascinating, but some of his gadgets are way dumb that we are tongue-tied. Well, we have a responsibility to report, so check out four dumbest Batman gadgets.

1) Mirror Mask


Apart from how fascinating it looks like, practically, it is not worth it. Following a complex plot with Mirror Man he wears a mirror mask behind his actual black mask just to prevent him from seeing Batman through costumes.

2) Robot Guardian


Batman himself was not impressed from this gadget that on of the alien ally gave it as a present. Robot Guardian was supposed to assist him in fighting Gotham city crime. But sometimes he used to get in his way and often complicating his conduct against the villains. Well, Batman pretended that he was dead after which Guardian short-circuited himself and died on the spot.

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