5 Most Controversial Things The Hulk Has Ever Done

The Hulk has done some great things and some not so great things in the comics and the movies. Here are the five most controversial things he has ever done:

1. Everything The Hulk Did To Wolverine:

5 Most Controversial Things The Hulk Has Ever Done

He has done some horrible things to Wolverine. Out of all his actions, eating him may be the worst. In the comic Old Man Logan, his children kill Wolverine’s family which enrages him to kill Hulk’s kin. This act does not please the big guy, a fight ensues and ends with Logan being eaten by him. Another incident takes place in Ultimate Marvel Universe where Wolverine was in pursuit of The Hulk who had gone rogue. He was so riled up that he ended up ripping Wolverine into two and Wolverine survived both times!

2. Hulk’s Incestuous Relationship With She-Hulk:

She-Hulk is his first cousin and may be the only living being that could truly relate to him. The duo has been known to be a close unit. However, in 2000’s Incredible Hulk Annual, he was feeling a bit frisky after being exposed to the gamma induced Pon Farr and pursued his cousin. She rejected him and the story ended there. Until Old Man Logan happened. He and She-Hulk had created together a whole brood of incestuous children who were more hillbilly than smart like their parents once were.

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