4 Dumbest Gadgets of Batman You Don’t Know About

3) Napalm Capsule


This is one is an unnecessary weight for batman but it is a capsule, so not a big deal. The main purpose of the capsule is to burn people as it breaks on somebody. But it seems like nothing like that happened with him. It looked like a slip and slide fluid, which he used at Cat Woman which could have been called a Bat Balloon. We didn’t expect from you, Batman.

4) Shark Repellent

rep batman

Well, this one is the classic one and if you want kids to watch batman without scaring them, then this it. During a high-sea operation when a shark sticks to Batman’s leg while hanging through the helicopter, he orders his sidekick to use “shark repellent ?” This is crazy. He should rather be having a superhero repellent.

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