5 Times Superheroes Deserved To Die Honorably

Superheroes sure are strong, but what makes them human is the fact that they too can be killed, here is a list of some of the superheroes who died in a pretty disastrous manner.

Bart Allen

For the ones who don’t call Rogues such serious villains, here is a pretty sinister thing that they did. After Inertia left Bart Allen without his powers, the Rogues felt threatened that Allen would soon return with his powers and kick their butt, So they decided to kill the superhero, what’s sad is that he didn’t even die a heroic death, he was kicked turn by turn by all the members of the squad and died a bad death.

The Punisher


This happened at the time in the comics where Norman Osborn has serious growth in his powers and sends minions to kill his enemies. One such case was when he sent Daken to take care of the Punisher. Where Daken, Wolverine’s son and he have a brutal fight, but in the end, Punisher dies with his arm being chopped off and his body is completely sliced.


Deadpool and Spider-Man are close buddies, and everyone knows this fact, but what people don’t know is that he has killed Spider-Man in well, a very gruesome manner. In the storyline, ‘Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe’ Wade hears a voice in his head convincing him to kill EVERYONE, When Deadpool faces Spidey they have quite a duel before the web slinger’s head is ripped wide open with a large chunk of it on the ground when Deadpool puts a bullet straight into his skull.


Jason Todd, when after searching desperately finds his mother, falls into Joker’s play, where he is beaten to a pulp with a crowbar, while Joker is laughing hysterically. This wasn’t the worst part, after being beaten he and his mother are left in the warehouse with a ticking bomb, that’s eventually gonna blow. Jason dies in a really bad way, leaving Batman broken.

Stephanie Brown


Stephanie Brown was the female Robin, who died a pretty intense death leaving the fans really angry. All through she’s being tortured with power drills while being forced into sexualising positions. She manages to escape though, but while on the run is eventually shot and kicked down the stairs resulting in her death. This one sure did everyone stunned.

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