15 Marvel Superheroes/Villains With The Deadliest Body Parts

Superheroes are so amazing because we love the various powers they possess. There are so many different Superheroes with many different Superpowers, and they are capable of possessing those powers because of their distinguished and special body parts. These body parts can sometimes be fatal for the people who face them. Here is a list of the most lethal body parts that the Superheroes possess.

Iron Fist’s Fist


Danny Rand is a skilled martial artist who has trained his entire life in sharpening his hand to hand combat skills and has endured to harsh conditions since the age of 10. He became the greatest warrior of Kun Lun where he defeated a dragon, and after that, he enters its cave and plunges his fists into a brazier containing the creature’s molten heart, emerging with the power of the Iron Fist. If Danny harnesses his chi with ease, his Iron Fist becomes one of the most lethal weapons of the planet!

Cyclops’ Eyes


The eyes of Scott Summers project high-powered energy beams that can kill anyone in a wink. To reflect those energy beams he has to wear red shades all the time. He controls them by using his visor. These energy beams are so deadly that they might be able to pierce almost anything that comes in its way.

Hulk’s Hands

Many superheroes have demolished buildings and even entire districts with their bare hands, but when Hulk lets fly those giant green ham hocks of his fly, entire planets can get broken in half. You don’t need to look any further than the pages of “Planet Hulk” where the Green Rage Monster’s gamma powered tantrums shattered the planet’s crust, which drowned his foes in lava. Hulk’s hands are probably the most deadly weapons one could have.

Red Skull’s Face

We all know that Red Skull is actually the biggest villain of Captain America and no other villain even comes close to being as fierce and adamant this big bad is. The experimentation done upon him actually took a wrong turn and gave him a horrific face which is very hard to even look at. His face is actually so distracting that people can faint with trauma by just looking at him, so we cannot cast him out from this list.  

Professor X’s Brain

Meet the man with the most almighty brain in existence: mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier. His brain is so strong that it can locate and communicate with anyone no matter the distance and when out of control can cause disastrous and fatal seizures. This is usually used as the greatest gift given to an individual but it has been turned into the most lethal weapon many-a-times.

Lizard’s tail

Lizard is one of the more complex Spider-Man villains as Doctor Curtis Connors’ experimentation in order to heal his deformity went wrong and actually turned him into a giant freakin’s lizard. He cannot just frighten people out with his terrifying looks, but his most dangerous is actually his tail as it can not only perform sneak attacks, but is really hard to stop and can easily choke anyone within seconds if it gets a hold on.

Winter Soldier’s Arm


What is more dangerous than a super soldier??? The answer is- A super soldier with a super robotic arm. The Winter Soldier lost his arm when he fell off a train from a mountainside. He was able to survive the fall and was experimented upon, which resulted in him getting a metal arm that made him even stronger than Captain America. Since Winter Soldier has cleared his mind and come under the wing of Black Panther, he has got a significant upgrade upon his arm as his new arm is now made up of Vibranium which we know is the strongest metal on Earth in the MCU.

Wolverine’s Claws

Well, we all saw this coming. A fascinating body part to have that anyone would want would be the Adamantium claws that our favorite mutant has. They look so cool and are totally badass and made up a metal that is indestructible, being able to cut through almost everything. This is something that everyone should be afraid of.

Archangel’s Wings

Recently we saw Archangel getting new metal wings in X-Men Apocalypse. He already had beautiful feathered bird wings but Apocalypse made him a deadly weapon by giving him wings that shoot blades at the opponents. He was already a very strong mutant and these wings just made him almost unbeatable from a distance.

Electro’s Entire Body

Another Spider-man villain makes his way into the list as Electro is literally an extremely shocking villain. High voltages of current runs through his body and just a touch of him can actually shock someone to death. Other than that, Electro can obviously electrocute anyone and kill them on the spot. Spider-Man is only able to withstand his powers for so long because of his durable body, otherwise taking down a villain like Electro is not an easy task to do.      

Colossus’ Skin

The largest organ on the human body is the skin, and no one’s skin is as impenetrable and unique as Colossus. Physically he may be the strongest mutant of the X-Men and he proved to be a favorite side character in Deadpool. He can really use this metal skin/body as a great defense as well as offence. Anyone coming in his way would just be bludgeoned.

Lady Deathstrike’s Nails

We saw Wolverine and her face off in the second X-Men movie where she almost killed Wolverine with her Adamantium Nails. Wolvie’s Claws were actually less efficient than her nails. The nails are obviously more in number so they will be more effective if used well. We may never get to see this particular character in the movies again but she surely has the most dangerous combat weapons within her body.

Black Bolt’s Larynx

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the unimpressive trailers for the upcoming Inhumans ABC TV show. Black Bolt’s vocal chords are extreme weapons of mass destruction. They are so strong that they almost obliterated the Mad Titan Thanos himself. This is why Black Bolt does not speak at all and uses sign language to communicate because if he even whispers, he causes massive destruction.

Emma Frost’s Skin

Emma Frost is infamous for wearing the most impractically skimpy of outfits but she is not the one you should toy with. Her mutant skin is almost as dangerous as her psychic powers.  Emma Frost’s secondary mutation allows her skin to become really hard, taking on the appearance and strength of diamond, which is the hardest mineral on earth and she becomes almost impenetrable when she takes on her Diamond form which is bad news for her opponents.

Venom’s Tongue and Teeth

15 Marvel Superheroes And Villains With The Deadliest Body Parts

Venom cannot be imagined without his long tongue serpentine making its way out of his mouth, otherwise, it’s just a buffed up, more muscular Spectacular Black Spider-Man. The tongue along with the sharp teeth is what differentiates the symbiote from the Web Slinger, and both these parts of Venom’s body apart from its slimy gooey body is what make him lethal as Venom could easily rip off someone’s head with his teeth.

Honorable mention from another Universe that could probably take down anyone on this entire list:

Batman’s Brain

The Dark Knight’s body may be trained to the peak of physical perfection, but it’s his really powerful and dark mind that makes him far deadlier than even the most unassailable opponent. Batman’s brain is a manual of martial arts, a library of criminology and an encyclopedia of escape artistry, storage of so many languages like Mandarin, French, German, Russian and many more and it is the darkest and the most deadliest organ one could have. ‘Justice League Doom’ is the proof of how lethal Batman’s brain is. He would always be 10 steps ahead and there is nothing you can surprise him with if he knows you already.

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