Infinity War: Russo Brothers Explain How They Got Tom Holland’s Arm-Hair To Stand Up

Earlier this year fans witnessed as destiny collided with reality and everything went up in a flaming ball of hellfire. I am, of course, talking about Avengers: Infinity War and the subsequent creation and reality-altering snap that still has the fandom talking (Although to be fair the fandom would’ve have talked even if  Thanos died at the hands of the Black Widow, that might have been more interesting than the Peter quill rage mode that we received). Regardless of what happened or how this movie affected the overall story arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is one thing that Infinity War does better than most contemporary superhero movies. Infinity War skillfully manages its huge star cast filled with superheroes.

One of these heroes is Spider-Man. Infinity War was the hero’s third appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (after Civil war and homecoming) but Tom Holland has already made a place in the hearts of the fandom. We are in love with this boy and maybe that is the reason why it was so difficult to see him get dusted at the end of Infinity War with Thanos’ snap.

Although Holland had limited screen time in Infinity War, his performance was one that would be remembered throughout ages and for years to come. His acting was exceptional and his comedic timing was on point, just like Spider-Man should be. One scene in Infinity War that Spider-Man fans appreciated above all else was the bus scene. Yes, I’m talking about the scene where Peter is on the bus and Ebony Maw arrives to capture Dr. Strange along with Corvus Glaive.

It was in this bus scene that we got the first semblance of Peter Parker’s spider sense in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for as soon as the maw ship lands on earth, Holland’s Peter Parker receives bone chilling jitters and the hairs on his forearm stand upright. This scene was rather surreal and fit well with the ongoing narrative of the movie. The narrative that dictated urgency. Up until now, the fandom believed the scene to be nothing more than a Marvel of CGI but now the directors have revealed in their commentary on the making if scenes that the behind the scene story is much different. The excerpt is reproduced below for your scrutiny:-

Joe Russo: “We get asked this all the time. How did we get the hair on Tom Holland’s arm to stand up?”

Anthony Russo: “In our New York Times ‘Anatomy of This Scene’ we finally revealed…a lot of people think it’s a CG shot, but it was actually achieved by a very gentle blowing on Tom’s ear.”

That’s interesting, so the scene was not CGI after all, how peculiar Marvel, how peculiar indeed. There have been times in the history of movies that the directors and the stunt and visual experts have chosen to go with CGI over authenticity, after all, it is Hollywood’s go-to solution for everything (Cue the backlash for Cavill mustache in justice league). But it seems that the Russo brothers chose a very different path this time around.

This time the brothers decided to portray the superpower of Spider-Man with as much vigor as possible so instead of relying on CGI they chose to rely on good old movie magic. Can’t say I have anything to complain about given the fact that the bus sequence plays out so beautifully.

And it is not just the arm hair that are important here. It is also what the arm hair represents. The hair standing upright is the first clue to Spider-Man’s extended powers in Infinity War. It is a representation of the fact that Spider-Man has grown immensely between homecoming and Infinity War. After all, the fan theories (and all possible current information) suggests that the second Spider-Man movie will end right where Infinity War introduces Spider-Man. If that is true then we may be pegged to see a very different Spider-Man going forward.

Infinity War: The Russo Brothers Explains How They Got Tom Holland Arm-Hair To Stand Up

If that is the case then Spider-Man: Far From Home will be imperative in defining the main character arc of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. What do you think about this trivia from behind the scenes of Infinity War, give your comments below and for everything Marvel, stick around.

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