10 Horror Adult Movies You Should Not Miss

Talking about the horror movie genre, the first thing that we expect is some bone-chilling concepts that can actually haunt the shit out of us, otherwise is just another thriller genre. Between the dark imagery, horror movies somehow bring the nudity and it is pervasive. Between the intense horrifying scenes, sex is smartly used in the genre. When the script is terrible and there is nothing horror about the movies, what do you do? You put sex in it! So here we bring you five movies which are actually horror adult movies.

American Psycho

America Psycho is a black comedy horror film which stars The Dark Knight actor, Christian Bale. The film is based on a novel by Bret Easton Ellis of the same name. The sex scenes are clearly graphic in the movie and Bale is seen banging some babes.

Nude for Satan

Nude for Satan is an Italian Gothic hour film which features several nude scenes till the end. Since the movie is not at all a masterpiece, but if you are looking for sex and something raunchy, then this is the one to check out.


Species is one of the most popular scion fiction films which follows a seductive alien who look for humans to mate with. If you are a hardcore fan of the film, then you might have seen her character and her melons, drawing all the attention. Since the Species franchise is not so horrifying, but Natasha Henstridge’s bed scenes and she the time she lays down reflects more adult part.

Piranha 3DD

Sequel to the John Guilder directorial, Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD is a comedy horror film. The marketing campaign of the movie was quite booby, with a babe lying in a shining bikini. The movie features endless bikini shots and it seems like a short porn movie.

The Demoniacs

The Demoniac is a pornographic horror movie which follows a story of shipwrecked sailors who rape two women, who later decide to take revenge. The film purely takes the support of pornographic content. The film later shows the women getting powers from a mysterious man by having sex with him.


Antichrist is one of the most horror movies ever made. Released in 2009 starring William Dafoe this movie features some highly incorrigible scenes like smashed male genitals and chopped clitoris. We see some real simulated sex in the movie, but on some level, this movie is highly gross.

Friday The 13th

This franchise low on sex scene count. There is only one sex scene which is horrific in itself as the conversation goes like this.

Oh wow, your t*ts are stupendous.

Wow, you really know how to make a girl feel special.

That’s what I do.

Well, now you get a feel of it.


It is one of the most talked after horror movies of all time. It is gory, depraved and disgusting. After watching it you feel guilty of a crime.

Twentynine Palms

It is a psycho-thriller and almost qualifies as a legit horror movie. They keep on having sex no matter where they are or how uncomfortable. Your basic porn set-up.


You probably shouldn’t watch this movie if you ever want to have sex. It involves a dark taboo of having sex with a dead body and is gory and devastating.

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