Where Is The Conversation Going?

Girl: So, you mean to say that girls are a burden for their parents and parents just want to marry them off?

Boy: No, all I’m saying is that parents have a responsibility towards their children. Be it, daughters or sons, they want to settle them. And the kind of society we live in, we face such issues.

Girl: Oh! Great. So you wanna say that one should get married just because the society wants? Are we here to satisfy this society? And if you want to just look after the society, parents should not give birth to daughters.

And the conversation is not going anywhere!


I agree that we are all educated, independent and have the right to put our points forward but we are EGOISTIC too! Is this ego taking us anywhere? Are our conversations going anywhere?

We name it discussion but it is actually ARGUMENT which many times is related to DICTATORSHIP (No, I’m not talking about Hilter here! But this is for the people who are NEVER open to receive opinions from others and just want to prove themselves right).

We start our journey to get to our destination, but we get stuck in the middle of the road by becoming the giant iron nails and the cause of the tyre puncture!

Here, I have fetched the best possible explanation of depicting how discussion and argument looks.



And the picture below is sufficient to explain what dictatorship is.


But do you even know or have you ever thought how your arguments, your fire glued words, your forceful sentences affect not only the other person in conversation but also your mind and your body?

Here are some side effects of your SIDE EFFECTS of an argument:

Short-term memory loss:

Due to the stressful conversation, cortisol, a steroid hormone that helps your body stay alerted in a bad situation increases. And if it increases over a period of time it can result in loss of synapses in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with short-term memories.

Social impairment:

When your brain is in fighting mode, it just keeps on shooting one bullet at the other. And it decreases our ability to handle and manage complex situations.

Increased heart rate and blood pressure:

When your brain gets a signal that there’s a danger, it sends signals to your adrenal glands telling them to release the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline increases the amount of sugar in your blood which increases your heart rate and raises your blood pressure.


Loss of creativity and innovation:

A stressful mind can never be home to creativity. You lose your creativity eye to look at the situations while you have you fighting goggles on!


004Source: Erik Mace for Yahoo Health

So, now when we know how our brain and body is affected while we are busy throwing and catching fireballs, we should stop and check ourselves and understand “Where the conversation is going?” before we stress our body and mind the next time.

It does no good to anyone!


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