10 Most Expensive Blunders of Hollywood

Blunders of Hollywood:

Making a movie in Hollywood requires an unimaginable budget for the sets, big-time actors, special effects, and more. Therefore, prudence in making expenses is vital or it leads to wastage of millions of dollars. This risky business pushes the directors and producers to get the optimal result but the urge to craft the best movie often increases the expenses. Sometimes it’s a hit but there are also times when they lead to mistakes that are costlier than what they earn.

 1. Hateful Eight- Smashing The Guitar

Blunders of Hollywood

The very essence of a Quentin Tarantino movie is violence and gore. One of the scenes in Hateful Eight called for Kurt Russell to smash a guitar. But there was a twist behind-the-scenes where the 145-year-old antique guitar had to be swapped by a prop before the exact shot. You are smart enough to guess where this story is heading already. Anyway, the staff member who was assigned the task didn’t switch the guitar and Kurt ended up destroying the original antique.

 2. Jaws- Technical Errors

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The thriller Jaws was already incurring heavy costs for making the shark look as authentic as possible with the help of high tech, cables, and motor. But most of the scenes in the movie needed to be shot underwater which had its risks involved. This sky-rocketed their high budget further as the mechanic shark kept breaking down.

 3. All The Money In The World- Replacing Kevin Spacey

Blunders of Hollywood

If your current affairs and memory serve you well then you must have already guessed the gist of this point. The Ridley Scott directed movie was done with the shooting when allegations of r@pe and s3xual harassments on Kevin Spacey began to spark. Releasing the movie with an actor facing such charges would have extremely costly for Sony and Ridley Scott. The director immediately replaced him with Christopher Plummer and reshot the whole film within 6 weeks. The makers saved themselves from making a huge mistake.

 4. Justice League- Reshoot

This is the most infamous example of bad decisions that cost the producers millions of dollars extra. Most parts of the Justice League movie was almost finished when Zack Snyder had to depart for personal reasons. Avengers director Joss Whedon took his place but he decided to reshoot the whole movie from the scratch and called back the entire cast. Not only did it add to expenses but also needed to use expensive CGI on Henry Cavill. By then the actor was shooting for Mission: Impossible and had grown a mustache. So, they ended up wasting about $25 Million on the reshoots and Superman’s funny CGI chin.

 5. Iron Man 3- RDJ’s Injury

Blunders of Hollywood

Shooting in movies especially the action sequences are no safe business or stars despite having stunt doubles and special effects. And MCU being an action-packed superhero movie all-together can attract many dangers. In one of the scenes in Iron Man 3, RDJ ended up hurting his ankle while performing a stunt. The graveness of the injury forced him to stay in bed for weeks. This eventually delayed the shoot, thus costing the production of thousands of dollars.

 6. Skyfall-Transcription

Upon releasing on DVDs, Skyfall was slapped with a class-action lawsuit. The complaint said that the movie didn’t transcribe lyrics and cues, thus not taking into consideration the viewers with hearing impairment. It cost the production house a hefty amount for a settlement.

 7. Proud Mary- A Car Crash

The crime thriller Proud Mary was full of unlimited action and violence. Some of the stunts were so dangerous that it led to an accident on the set. Taraji P. Hensen, whose performance in the movie was commended, had met with a dangerous fate while rushing the Maserato into a fire hydrant. The production had to incur $12000 to repair the damages.

 8. Some Like It Hot- Monroe’s Unprofessionalism

During the good old 1950s, Marilyn Monroe used to be the central attraction of movies. But working with a highly demanded star was a challenge of its own. The diva would always appear late to her shoots and never memorized her lines thoroughly. This kept delaying the filming and increased the budget to $50000 which was a big deal in those days.

 9. Apocalypse Now- Typhoon Destruction

A rather ironic fate for a movie titled Apocalypse Now. On the director’s persuasion, the film on the Vietnam War was set to be filmed in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the entire set was blown away and destroyed by a typhoon in the area. Restarting and repairing led to unimaginable expenses.

 10. Back To The Future- Recasting Costs

Eric Stoltz was the first choice for playing Marty McFly in the movie. He was already on board and had started with the productions. Few shots through, the makers felt unsatisfied and replaced him with Michael J. Fox. The recasting added about $ 3Million more to the budget.

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