5 Most Controversial Changes Done To Comic Book Characters For Their Films

There are many changes that get made when a fictional character is brought to films, some good, some bad and so just needed for the better. Here are the five most controversial changes made to comic book heroes for their films:

Spider-Man And His Web Shooters

5 Most CONTROVERSIAL Changes Made To Comic Book Heroes For Their FilmsSpider-man’s web shooters caused a lot of controversy amongst fans when the first Spider-Man film by Sam Raimi came out. The movie had depicted the web shooters as being a natural part of his mutation, which comic book fans cried to be false. The idea had actually come from James Cameron who once wanted to make a Spider-Man movie. The reboot changed this by having Peter build the web shooters.

Wolverine is A Time Traveller

In the comics, Days Of Future Past, Kitty Pryde had to go back in time to put a stop to the Sentinels that were hunting down mutants. When the movie was made, it was Wolverine who was sent back, but Pryde still helped. This change made sense since Wolverine was a bigger entity than Shadowcat in the movies but many fans were angry that Kitty’s story was sidelined for another Wolverine show.

The Mandarin In Iron Man 3

Fans of the comics know that The Mandarin is actually a very important villain to Iron Man. One would even go so far as to call him his greatest villain because the guy matched Tony Stark/Iron Man in intelligence and inventiveness. So when Iron Man’s greatest villain was white washed with British actor Ben Kingsley and Guy Pierce, rabid fan criticism ensued. Marvel gave fans a peace offering by making the short film All Hail The King which confirmed the real Mandarin was still out there.

The Penguin’s Transformation In Batman Returns

Tim Burton is known to give a dark twist to his characters, so when he helmed the Batman Returns film, he made a slight change with Batman’s longtime villain The Penguin. He transformed the villain into a literal penguin, giving him a fresh backstory that had him be raised by penguins and eating fish. The comic book purists were enraged that the once intellectual villain was evolved or devolved into such a lowly character. Comic book writers, on the other hand, loved the transformation so much, they actually started writing him up to the Tim Burton version.

Wolverine And His Suit

This controversy started from the very first X-Men film. The hero Wolverine has been depicted as being a tough mutant with a devil may care attitude in a yellow suit in the comics, but that last element sadly or thankfully(depends on your taste) was not shown in the film. Many fans wanted a faithful depiction, but realistically speaking, it would be hard to see someone as rough and tough dude while wearing skin tight bright yellow. It just did not translate to film well.

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