4 Major Secrets of Captain America That Marvel Hides From You

Captain America is Marvel’s most popular characters today. He appeared first time in 1941 in the comics. Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universe for taking out this character to the big screens. Chris Evans played the superhero character in five MCU movies today and his character will continue to appear in future movies. Even after that, there are several things that a vast majority of people didn’t know about Captain America and we bring you four of them.

1. Captain America was Super American


The idea of CaptainAmerica was first perceived by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and came out in response to World War 2. That time, America had not entered the War, so Simon and Kirby brought out the feelings of pro-war. The first name that surfaces in the comics were Super American. As Superman also appeared that time and there were several names which starred with Super and it was dropped later.

2. Before The MCU movie


Well, you may think that the Captain America first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, bu that is not his first film. There were movies before with lesser-known and low budget productions. Way back in 1944, he appeared in a blackened white serial film called Captain America. Then in 1990, another movie with the same name was released.

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