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9 Ways How The Best HBO Max Series Might Turn Out To Be Peacemaker

We are going to witness the first massive DCEU project in the form of a series. It is not really known whether it is in the same timeline as the previous DCEU projects considering it only has some of the same cast members. But that’s the least of the worries considering it is the next big project by James Gunn set in the DC universe. Peacemaker will be based around the titular character as played by John Cena in The Suicide Squad. It will follow the events around him after the events of the movie based on the post-credits scene. There was a lot that was left to be explored for his character in the movie. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Peacemaker will probably become the best HBO Max series. 

Unfiltered Violence

We already saw the vulgar language, gore, and hilarity that ensues in The Suicide Squad. James Gunn has said that the series will actually be quite a lot more grounded than the movie but we know Gunn and he will find a way to give us a taste of his previous work. Recently there has been a rise in the violence and gore that is being portrayed in content and the audience is actually enjoying that.


Peacemaker Is Funny

Some of the best moments in The Suicide Squad majorly involve Peacemaker being brutally honest about his stupidity. This leads to some of the moments of absolute hilarity in the movie. We can’t wait to see more such moments as we watch a series entirely surrounding his character. Plus the teaser surely promises quite a few quirky moments with the character.


John Cena Will Be Leading

Best HBO Max Series

John Cena is making his name in the acting field by taking roles in movies that really give us a fair idea regarding his comedic chops as an actor. He has been able to prove his worth with the genre and has made quite a good reputation. It would be an absolute treasure to see him take on the character in a completely solo venture. Fans are absolutely thrilled with the idea of how he deals with the character.


A Nice Approach For A Spinoff

The Peacemaker series has been perfectly set up by The Suicide Squad considering we got to see a very limited amount from the character. According to James Gunn, the series will explore the titular character’s past which majorly includes his relationship with his father. The post-credits scene from the movie perfectly sets up the spin-off as he survives and is taken over by the characters who had betrayed Amanda Waller.


James Gunn Is Behind The Project

James Gunn has successfully proved his worth as a director who can handle superhero projects that involve massive budgets. His style and the way in which he brings the underrated characters to screen is an absolute treasure for the fans of the projects like Guardians of the Galaxy movies and The Suicide Squad. He makes each of these projects a quite memorable experience as a whole. We can expect quite the same treatment for this from him and it would be rather enjoyable to see him deal with this concept in a series.


The Soundtrack

Best HBO Max Series

James Gunn is also known for his movie’s soundtracks that leave a massive impact on the audience even after the movie is over. This was seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and at the same time, The Suicide Squad is also a massive example of this move by the director. It seems that Gunn will be taking this movie to a whole new level with Peacemaker as it is supposed to have an entirely ’80s hair metal theme for the soundtrack. We can expect the songs to be made by bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi. We can surely believe that this might actually be the personal taste of Peacemaker himself.


Probable Second Season

We have received quite a lot of shows based on superhero movies this year. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is majorly responsible for this and they already have plans for the second season for some of their shows. Even though a second season for Peacemaker hasn’t been announced yet, we can expect to see a continuation of the series. Gunn has agreed that if his series is successful he would actually make a second season and we can clearly expect John Cena making a return with his love for the character.


A Chance To See The Other DC Characters

HBO Max is actually working on a lot of other spin-off shows for movies that haven’t even come out yet. But most of them don’t seem to be a part of the DCEU. Peacemaker is a part of the DC Extended Universe and thus we can expect appearances from other characters. With the survivors from The Suicide Squad, there are also chances of other characters making an appearance. Recent rumors suggest an appearance by Bane in the series.


The Story Behind The Helmet

James Gunn, being the comic book fan he is, picked the character of Peacemaker for his The Suicide Squad movies only because of his helmet. This is quite funny considering the weird-looking part of the character’s costume hardly makes any sense. The movie didn’t even make any reasoning for the character wearing this helmet. Comic books have referenced the true reasoning for the helmet as it plays an essential part by having technical aspects. Let’s hope we get to see these details being explored in the series.

Do you think Peacemaker could turn out to be the Best HBO Max series so far? Let us know in the comments.

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