7 X-Men Characters That We Want To See On Screen

Marvel has this big Universe, so you might have seen a lot of characters, but there are much more that you would love to see on that big screen. X-Men is one of the most recognizable groups of this comic book force. Masterminded by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, X-Men first appeared in The X-Men #1 in 1963. We have seen a bunch of X-Men members on the screen, but still, there are several other X-Men we want to see. Check five such members that we want them on big screens.

 1. Forge

Forge is an extraordinary character with heaps of sensational potential. So, Forge learned the art of sorcery. However, he barely uses those super powers or magic. After everybody got killed, he thought of taking revenge. Later he lost his leg and a hand. Thereafter he discovered his inbuilt power for an invention. So basically he got the power to build almost anything, no matter how bizarre the imagination was.

2. Cable

Cable, also dubbed as Nathan, is the son of Scott Summers. He was actually born to Jean’ clone. Cable and time travel go hand in hand and that’s what Cable is really good at. He got infected by a virus when he was a kid and that virus almost transformed him into a machine. Though he has tried his best to prevent the virus from spreading all over his body.

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