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7 Major Abilities of Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit in The Batman!

A high-tech Batsuit is every Batman’s greatest ally. And Robert Pattinson’s recent iteration of the Dark Knight stands true to this statement. This was a result of Matt Reeves’ vision and the hard work of the costume designers for the movie. The Batsuit, quite literally, had everything that the Batman needed to fight crime in a city like Gotham. And here is a list of all the abilities of Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit in The Batman:


Despite many differences between every Batman adaptation, some things have remained the same. And yes, we are talking about his Grapple Gun. Unlike many superheroes in DC Comics, Batman doesn’t possess the ability to fly. But that won’t stop the Caped Crusader from purging the Gotham City of its crime and corruption. So, he uses a Gun that helps him transport between places where running isn’t an option. Robert Pattinson’s Batman can be seen using this gadget when he escapes the police precinct. And many times after that. He even uses the Gun for ranged combat. He uses it with so accuracy that you can’t guess he is still in his second year as Batman. 



Batsuit in The Batman

Over the years, Batman’s cape has been used as a way to induce fear in the minds of his opponents. However, Pattinson’s Batman might just have changed everything about it. When Pattinson’s Batman finds himself on top of a skyscraper with no way to escape, he transforms his cape into a full-blown wingsuit. Not only this, he even packs a parachute to slow down his fall. Now there is a practical upgrade that we want to see in future adaptations of the Caped Crusader.



Batsuit in The Batman

Sometimes, Batman’s genius… It’s almost frightening. In modern times, many security agencies have adopted the use of body cams to track their operations. However, these cameras are attached to the chest. Batman, being Batman, took this one step further and installed these cameras in paper-thin contact lenses. This is a major upgrade from the visual aid device in Batman’s cowl in Nolan’s trilogy. And the best part is that this was detachable so it could be used to turn someone else into a mole, like in the case of Catwoman.



A taser is a simple yet effective tool that comes in handy in close-combat situations. Plus, with Pattinson’s Batman still following the no-kill rule, this gun can help subdue criminals without hurting them too much. Or killing them. Moreover, it helps him inflict the same pain that the criminals inflict upon their victims. After all, that’s what he stands for – Vengeance.



Every Batsuit is not completely immune to weapons like flamethrowers, or bullets from pistols, automatic guns, or even shotguns. However, Pattinson’s Batusit is made up of a material that completely protects him from every danger whatsoever. It protected Bruce even when he was shot with a shotgun in close combat. We don’t know how good can a suit get after this.



Batarangs are Batman’s favorite long-range weapons. If you are a Batman fan, we don’t need to explain to you how it traditionally works. Batarangs are basically boomerangs shaped like a bat. And with all the other things that The Batman improved, the Batarang is one of them. For starters, instead of keeping it in his Utility Belt like every Batman iteration, he came up with a much cooler way to carry it. He used to keep it around in the bat-shaped slot in the chest piece of his suit. So, in a way, his Batarang is his Bat symbol. Yes, it is quite bigger than the Batfleck’s or Bale’s Batman that might defeat its purpose. But it is just too cool to not like.



Batsuit in The Batman

In the final fight, when Batman was shot with a shotgun that left him barely clinging to consciousness. And in those circumstances, sleep was not something he could afford. So, to kickstart his body, he injects himself with a green serum. It acted almost instantly and gave him enough strength to fight off the remaining bad guys. This is something that can come in handy in a lot of difficult times when his natural strength is not enough.


However, it brings up an important question that many fans are debating about right now. While many think it was pure adrenaline(which makes sense), others think this might be the hint to the venom drug that Banes uses. It seems equally possible because ‘The Batman’ has set up a lot of villains for future movies.

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