Solo: A Star Wars Story – Complete Teaser Trailer Breakdown

The first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released and the Star Wars fan base seems to have gone into overdrive. A movie that revolves around the Galaxy’s most beloved carefree smuggler is sure to get into everyone’s must-watch list for 2018. The first Solo movie ever and the second spinoff of the Star Wars franchise after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo will focus on the exploits of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and their adventures aboard the Millennium Falcon against the Galactic Empire. The first look of the trailer introduces completely new elements. And that’s what this movie is all about – introducing new, never before seen elements to one of the oldest and most profitable franchises in the history of Hollywood.

The teaser does not give a lot to ponder upon or that’s what the internet as you think. New planets, new ships, new villains and new settings are all going to be incorporated into the movie as shown in the teaser. The Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser is a teaser in all but name. For it introduces us to a lot of new, cool stuff which you never even imagined existed within the trailer. While the full trailer will be released tomorrow (which we will also analyze in detail once it comes), the teaser also includes several story elements we bet you never noticed. Here’s the breakdown.

A Brand New Millennium Falcon

Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon wasn’t in the most pristine of condition when it made its first debut in the Original Trilogy. The rust and filth had gotten to its very core and interiors. While the performance of the Vessel was never hampered due to the neglect, it did give the Millennium Falcon a sort of ‘Han Solo’ feel to it. Under Lando’s care (the Falcon’s original owner), the Vessel’s interior was white on black and clean as a whistle. Maybe if there are sequels to this movie, a more battle weary, dirtier Millennium Falcon could be in the cards.

Han’s Imperial Recruitment

In Star Wars Legends, Han Solo used to be an Imperial Soldier until he deserted his ranks and went his own way. The teaser shows Han trying to enlist himself in the Empire’s army, aiming to be a pilot, “The best in the Galaxy.” If the Legends story is indeed true, then this is how Han meets Chewie (the Wookies were enslaved by the Empire), frees him and begins his transition into the planet trotting smuggler he is better known as today.

Star Destroyer in the Clouds

One of the most iconic shots of the trailer, the Star Destroyer shot within the clouds bears a strong resemblance to those seen only in Star Wars: Rebels. The Star Destroyer is most likely chasing someone, maybe Han Solo himself as he tries to use a known smuggling route to lose the Imperial forces. Is this the famous Kessel Run he always boasts off??

New TIE Fighter

Every Star Wars movies of recent times has introduced a new version of the most iconic fighter aircraft of the bad guys, the Tie Fighter. While Rogue One, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did what they could to give the iconic design a new spin, the Tie Fighter seen in Solo is a completely new design. It includes a secondary section beside the cockpit, maybe a sensor package to guide it through the electrical storm or some missile ordnance. We are not sure.


The first Star Wars movies introduced us to many interesting alien species, the most well known of them being the Twi-Leks. But The Last Jedi trilogy had always been obsessed with introducing new alien species to the universe and so the Twi-Leks never got a chance to shine. Solo: A Star Wars Story, thankfully, includes a close-up shot of the Twi-Leks.

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian’s debut as the baron administrator of Cloud City swept every one of their feet. A stylish gambler of the ultimate swag, Lando’s re-entry into the Star Wars universe was plagued. The Solo movie now finally includes Donald Glover playing the famous Gambler of the Galaxy. Sporting a fur coat and a mustache, all we ask for now is that charming Lando Calrissian smile.


We wish we could fill you in on the details about Emilia Clarke’s character but she is as mysterious as one can get. The trailer is careful never to reveal too much about her backstory or her motifs. Maybe Han Solo shared a past with Qi’Ra (like many women before), and now she has come to Solo looking for aid. Maybe Qi’Ra is in trouble and Han is the only guy who cares enough to help her.

Pod Racing

The Prequel Trilogy first featured the idea of Pod Racing. George Lucas is a big Racing fan and Solo pays tribute to that fact. Han Solo is a skilled fighter when it comes to the Millennium Falcon and (possibly the TIE Fighter). But is he as skilled when it comes to Pod Racers?? Only time will tell.

Chewie and Han

Chewie and Han are inseparable. We know that Chewie will follow Han to the depth as the former owes a life debt to the latter. Wookies are really adamant and loyal when it comes to life debts. The Trailer for Solo ends with Chewie putting a hand on Han’s shoulders. Is this how the interspecies bromance begins?

The Villain

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Villain in the trailer is played by stuntman Harley Durst. The train scene of the teaser shows his character, Moloch going against Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett (Han’s mentor). We still don’t know who the big bad of the movie will be. But if they thought Moloch was important enough to be featured in the trailer, we are willing to place our bets on this guy.

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