Black Mirror

  • TelevisionWorst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

    8 Worst Episodes of Otherwise Awesome TV Shows

    Even geniuses can make mistakes. After all, no one is perfect. But it’s hard to accept this truth when it comes to our favorites TV series. If we like it and spend hours binge-watching it like zombies, then every episode must be perfect. After all, we go out recommending these series and one bad episode can undermine our stamp. These…

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  • NewsWhy No RDJ In Black Mirror Movie

    The Real Reason Why We Did Not See RDJ In A Black Mirror Movie

    Everyone knows Robert Downey Jr., the man is practically a living legend by now. He played the role of Iron Man so perfectly that he inspired a decade of moviemaking. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is RDJ’s baby as much as it is the fruition of years of fan prayers. But the master is not satisfied by just revolutionizing the concept…

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  • TelevisionThrilling TV Shows

    Top 10 Black Mirror Episodes You Shouldn’t Miss

    If Black Mirror does not disturb and shock you by its unique plot, then you have missed the whole point. Black Mirror is the type of show that will make you question your reality and scare you to use modern technology. It will reach up to the point where you will start taping your webcam and genuinely hesitate to use…

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