Wolverine Takes A Jab At Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Batman V Superman has its fair share of haters. The DCEU movie, which was released earlier this year has received a huge amount of criticism from the storyline to the tone of the movie. Although DCEU has tried to fix the problem with their next release Suicide Squad, the damage was already done. Fans were on two polar opposite sides of the spectrum about the movie. And it seems like Marvel is on the negative end.


Marvel Comics had already made a parody out of the DCEU movie in two of their comic issues Spider-man/Deadpool  and Uncanny X-Men annual #1. Both storylines showcased how Marvel seemed to be repelled by the dramatic nature of the film, making a comical take on both issues. And it seems like two was not enough.


The rivalry between Marvel comics and DC comics has been a legendary one which has lasted two centuries. Both comic books have copied each other’s characters and plot lines but it seemed like Marvel was ahead of the curve when it came to Cinematic Universes. DCEU has been struggling to gain appreciation from movie audiences due to their more serious tone, even when it isn’t needed. And with movies giving the most exposure to both companies, it seems like the rivalry has shifted to the movies as well. Fans of both Cinematic Universes have argued over which studio is creating better movies and it seems like Marvel comics does not think too highly of DC’s latest movies.

old-man-logan-vs-dracula-214446 Batman V Superman

Marvel’s latest comic book  Old Man Logan #14 features a storyline where Wolverine has to take on Transylvania’s most famous vampire Dracula. The BvS reference comes in the text tease for the next issue of Old Man Logan, which reads, “NEXT: OLD MAN LOGAN VS DRACULA: DAWN OF JUSTICE!” You can see the page for yourself below. Quite a one liner to take your attention. Do you agree with Marvel?

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