Black Lightning Confirms The Existence of Two Major DC Characters

Black Lightning is one of the boldest moves ever taken by a television network. To portray a TV show highlighting the race-related problems in today’s society and the African American culture, in general, is a difficult task. Not many can accomplish that but those that do become TV legends. Empire, Power, and Scandal are popular TV shows that have an African American as the lead and they have done wonders and achieved cult status. Can Black Lightning do the same? Can Black Lightning achieve television greatness as the first superhero-based TV show to break the mold??

Well, it totally has till now. The show has explored great opportunities and one can even say that Black Lightning and Black Panther are the two sides of the same coin. Both these have individually found their ways to deliver heroism and the fans have given love to the movie as well as the TV show. Diversity is being praised a lot of Hollywood is getting promoted to have more and more diverse projects with new themes because that is what is being loved by the audiences, and it is the true symbol of equality as well.

Black Lightning is a great show, and it is totally different from what we have seen with the likes of Arrow and Flash, as it does have a darker tone than the other Arrowverse show, but at the end, it delivers the same message of Truth, Justice, and Hope. We don’t get to see a lot of CGI involved in this show and it is pretty grounded. The show even looks as if it is being shot in a real city and not some set piece. The lead star Cress Williams and the showrunner Salim Akil talked about how the show is grounded into realism and how specificity was the key to Black Lightning’s world. Here’s what Akil said about the show:

“I didn’t want to be too fantastically because so many people out there are suffering and I felt like they needed a hero. And I wanted Black Lightning, Thunder and Lightning and Lynn to be their heroes. I wanted someone to be – or some people to be – concerned about what’s going on in Chicago, what’s going on in Watts, what’s going in Oakland. I wanted people in those areas to feel like there was someone who was thinking about them and so I wanted the show to reflect that.”


Till now, the show was separated from the Arrowverse, as it did not establish any connection to any of the 4 shows we have seen in the Arrowverse. It is a separate show even though it is run by the same network. Well, the fans felt that the Arrowverse is pretty crowded, so Black Lightning being a separate entity in itself is a good thing. But at the same time, it would be really great to see him in a mega-crossover event that occurs every year.

Well, the hopes of that happening have been lifted as two of the major DC characters, who currently appear on other Arrowverse shows just got name-dropped on Black Lightning. In the latest episode of Black Lightning, “The Book of Little Black Lies”, the show confirmed that both Supergirl and Vixen exist in this Universe.


The Supergirl and Vixen moment came on the show when Lynn had a heartfelt mother to daughter moment with Jennifer who was sitting in her room scrolling through her phone. This is when Lynn entered Jennifer’s room, sat beside her and said:

“I know exactly what you’re going through.”

To which Jennifer replied:

“Not unless you came in here to tell me you’re Vixen. You didn’t, right? Busted!”

Lynn who was not amused by this joke replied:

 “No, I’m not Vixen or Supergirl. Just Mom.”

Black Lightning DC characters

Well, this is a cool way to drop the names of huge Arrowverse characters and surprise everyone since no one thought that these characters exist in the same Universe. Well, it could be the Vixen and Supergirl of this Earth as the Arrowverse has the whole Multiverse theory being run for the last 2-3 seasons, so Black Lightning could also be introduced in the Arrowverse through that as well.

Do you guys want Black Lightning to join the Arrowverse, or would you prefer him as a solo entity? Tell us in the comments.

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