Here’s Why Legends of Tomorrow Is The Best Arrowverse Show Now  

The Arrowverse is that cinematic division of DC Comics, which still works and people love it much more than the movies. Throughout the 6 years, it has established itself and we have seen 4 shows within the Arrowverse, and all of them are loved and enjoyed by the fans. The CW has done really well to bring the DC characters to life on TV and this has led to the rise in the era of Superhero genre movies and shows altogether.

Arrow began things back in 2011, and when it established itself really well in 2 seasons, we saw The Flash enter the mix as well. The Flash turned out to be even better than what Arrow was, and together these two shows brought in numerous characters from the comics that were loved by the viewers. This led to the development of the characters other than Flash and Green Arrow, and the fan-favorite characters who did not get proper justice done on the shows they originated from, got a show of their own, by the name of Legends of Tomorrow. With Legends, DC also launched one of the most powerful characters of the DC Comics lore, Supergirl on TV. By Season two, CW also acquired the rights to that and brought Supergirl to join the Arrowverse.

Since then we have seen countless characters to be introduced, some stayed while some spent a good time and left. Out of these 4 shows, Legends of Tomorrow has managed to explore the world the most as it is a group of people who travel through time to keep things in control and to keep the world safe. It took on the characters that were outcasts, misfits and the ones who did not get proper time and development on the shows that they previously appeared in, and turned them into literal ‘Legends’ on TV.

The cast of this show is much bigger than the cast of the others, and the Superhero team this show has is the best out of all. The Legends of Tomorrow can actually take down the likes of Justice League itself. If we look at the team, we have got Rip Hunter who is a Time Master, Sara Lance aka White Canary, who is a deadly assassin and a master in hand to hand combat, then comes Ray Palmer who has several PhDs and has built the Atom suit which has the ability to shrink or become the size of a building, after that there’s Nate aka Steel, who is a total bad-ass as he can turn his entire body into Steel, Amaya aka Vixen, who possesses a Totem that allows her to harness the powers of all the animals in the animal kingdom.

After Amaya we have Zari, who has the ability to use wind as her greatest weapon with the help of her totem, then comes Mick Rory aka Heatwave, who’s pretty dope and brings his own set of abilities into the team as he excels in thievery, and then comes the newest addition to the team, Wally West aka Kid Flash who is a growing speedster that has done wonders in the comics and can now be properly explored on the show.

Now, the show has also added John Constantine as a series regular and his addition to the team would make it invincible. He will provide resistance against the likes of Superman or Supergirl since they are vulnerable to magic. So there’s nothing that can stop this team. Arrow and The Flash have also built their arsenal with great members but their teams don’t even come close to the Legends. Also, the boundaries of Arrow Flash and Supergirl are confined to Starling, Central, and National City while Legends have the ability to explore anytime, situation or place that they want, and throughout these 3 seasons, they have.

arrowverse legends of tomorrow

There have been reports about the quality of Arrow and The Flash getting deteriorated, but Legends has actually improved, and it has become the best show of the Arrowverse without a doubt. The diversity, action, humour and plot we get to see on the Legends of Tomorrow, is much better than the other 3 shows that have been airing this year. Hopefully, they will keep the quality of the show good in the next season as well because Season 3 is going to end on April 9.

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