Avengers Costumes: Comic-Books vs Superhero Movies

Avengers in any form are awesome. I wouldn’t really care how they look like, as long as they can kick some real bad butt and work as an awesome team. But not everyone would think this. Going back to the original source, our favorite Avengers look nothing like they should, as it appears in Comic Books.

The difference is really astounding from movie costumes to Comic books. I guess Comic book Avengers aren’t shy of wearing their original costume, no matter how weird or awkward it is.

Taking on a completely different look from his comic part is Hawkeye. His character is seen wearing a pointy mask with a scaly purple look to it. However, Clint Barton instead took up a more rational costume for the movie version.


With enormous red and white wings and a plunging neckline providing a look of bare chest. This Falcon from the comic book is definitely the movie version that we’ve been seeing for so long. Did you know the comic Falcon also has a pet, Falcon?

Another fun fact, the comic Falcon in actuality is a criminal, whereas the movie Falcon is a retired Para-trooper. Comic Falcon, mentally bonded with a falcon by a cosmic-cube-wielding Red Skull. And has limited control over all birds, while he can psychically see through their eyes.


Not far behind is Thor with his big winged helmet and huge kneepads. The six-disc attached to his chest has always been a mystery, wonder what it’s used for? While comic book Thor prefers a clean shaved look, but not so much for movie Thor.


This one is the world apart is Scarlett Witch and not an ounce of Scarlett is seen on her body in the movie version. Scarlett Witch in comic book dons a pointed headdress with more than a revealing costume.


Vision is another character who just does not match up to his comic book look with. With Big yellow collar, green and yellow costume with a bright red face. Of course, the solar jewel at the tip of his widow’s peak.

While the movie version is just plain bland robot like a costume with. Fitted with mechanical designs.

Surprisingly, bought to life by Ultron, the comic book Ultron was created by Antman. While the movie version was done by Tony Stark.


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