10 Time Travel Movies You Must Watch

Hollywood has always had a thing for time travel and there have been many renditions of this obsession. From literature to the big screen, time traveling has been a concept loved by all. Time travel movies have always been a treat to watch as the possibility of going back in time or in the future is just fascinating. These are some movies you should watch if you love watching time travel and are fascinated by it.

 10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

This is one of those movies that out-performed its predecessor and became a huge hit. James Cameron gave the audience something they had not seen before with this sci-fi action flick. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton own the screen with their amazing performances.

9. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

If you want a wacky time traveling adventure which is a history lesson in itself then this is the film for you. A younger and cuter Keanu Reeves along with Alex Winter will take you on this awesome adventure back in time and learn about legends that you have only read about in books.

8. About time:

Most time travel movies are about people going back and forth in time and saving mankind but this movie is about living life. When a man finds out that he can travel through time just like his father he doesn’t become a superhero instead he becomes more human. He makes mistakes and tries to redeem them but in the end he learns the mantra of living a common man’s life. This is a beautiful movie and Domhnall Gleeson gives a realistic yet effective performance.

7. Planet of the Apes:

A group of astronauts crash land on a new and strange planet in the future and find out that it is a planet of apes. This film broke many records and was appreciated for its originality and plot twists. The ending of this movie is known as one of the most ground breaking Hollywood endings with a great plot twist.

6. Looper:

This is one of the recent time travel flicks that got the essence of time travel right and gave a thrilling ride to the viewers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play two different versions of the same guy as the timeline jumps from 2044 to 2074. Intriguing right?

5. Orlando:

Based on Virginia Woolf’s classic story this is a tale of a character that goes from one era to the next changing genders and time. The movie breaks conceptions of gender, sexuality, and class and Tilda Swinton gives a great performance.

4. The Time Machine:

Based on the 1865 novel by H.G Wells this film brought his imagination to the big screen and inspired many other films. The movie even won an Academy Award for time lapse photographic effects and the audience was fascinated by this new concept of time travel. It is truly a classic!

3. Midnight in Paris:

If you love literature then this is a must watch for you. A writer goes on a vacation in Paris to finish his novel and travels back in time to hang out with literary geniuses such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Owen Wilson gives a great performance as Gil and the film is directed by Woody Allen. The film won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

2. Interstellar:

This movie has been known to confuse many people as Nolan gives a time travelling epic for adults. Matthew McConaughey goes to search a new planet that could replace earth and things don’t go smoothly. The movie is beautifully shot as most Nolan movies are and will leave you thinking about the ending for weeks.

1. Back to the future:time travel

Marty McFly and Doc will take you back in time on amazing adventures in this classic trilogy. This movie set the bar for all time travelling movies that came after it. This is a science fiction adventure comedy about a boy who goes back in time to the year 1955 where he sees his future parents and accidently becomes his mother’s love interest. Now he must make his parents fall in love in order to be born and to return to the year 1985 that is back to the future!

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