Chris Hemsworth Looks Jacked In His Extraction 2 Workout Photo

We have been able to receive updates regarding various projects coming around the upcoming years under various productions houses. Ever since the major streaming houses have established themselves in the pandemic period, stars have attached themselves to major projects under these houses. Most stars have multiple projects coming out based on this in the years following. Each project has a different requirement for its appearance that fits the setting of its project. If these movies are sequels then the star must look like their initial self in the franchise. This can often be rather strenuous considering different projects require different sorts of physical transformations. But that doesn’t seem like an issue for Mr. Thor here! It seems that he has once again prepared himself for his role in Extraction 2. Chris Hemsworth looks jacked!!

Extraction 2

Extraction was a massive success for Netflix when it was released in April 2020 during the peak of the pandemic-related lockdown period. The movie is based on a graphic novel, Ciudad, written by Joe and Anthony Russo. The duo is popularly known for their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie follows Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, an Australian soldier-turned-mercenary who is tasked with the protection of an Indian crime lord’s son from a rival criminal faction. This sequel is much awaited as the first film was watched by 99 million households during the first four weeks of its availability on the streaming service. Plans for the sequel were announced right after the first film and then Netflix gave a confirmation by sharing a teaser trailer during the TUDUM event in September.


Chris Hemsworth Looks Jacked

Chris Hemsworth recently shared a photo of his training sessions associated with his preparation for the sequel to the film. The image for the film shows a rather tense-looking Hemsworth working out while he gives a shoutout to his trainers for getting him in the necessary physical shape that will be required for the role that will require some rather heavy stunts. Another important detail that was shared involved the shooting for Extraction 2 will begin in six weeks.


The post can be checked right here. He wrote next to the post:

Six weeks out from shooting on Extraction 2 feelin good and ready. Shout out to my team at @centrfit for giving me all the tools I need for a bulletproof rig💪💪💪💪💪


Hemsworth had shared content based around Extraction 2 before too based on the training session around preparation for the film. He had also made a post based on one of the most incredible stunt sequences featured in Extraction. These stunts were some of the most interesting parts of the films and they were also singled out by the critics for praise in their reviews. The stunts are so interesting that the team behind the stunts for the film won several awards at the Taurus World Stunt Awards. Hemsworth congratulated the team by posting a video of the behind-the-scenes video of one of the stunts. In the caption to this post, Hemsworth made sure to add the point that the sequel will be “bigger and badder” than the first, promising the audience some rather interesting plans.


Extraction is a movie that has made sure that Chris Hemsworth can carry an action film all by himself and it is a major success for the action star himself. This has allowed him to be a credible action star. The star is known for his massive muscular transformations for his projects that include mostly his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. We saw him undergo a massive transformation for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Well now that we know that his character is making a comeback in Extraction 2, we can be sure that the actor will be carrying the movie as his own action franchise.


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