10 Interesting Facts About Keanu Reeves Everyone Doesn’t Know

Facts About Keanu Reeves:

Every man and woman has had a crush on Keanu Reeves from his earliest years. He has dominated the action genre for many decades with his evergreen youth. Being part of large franchises like The Matrix and John Wick has stimulated his career to a height from where he doesn’t need to look back. He is a brand in himself and production houses would do anything to have this gem on board with them. Keanu is not just a star on screen; he is a hero in real life recognized for his benevolence and humble nature. This international star has secrets and lesser-known facts about his life that every fan may not be aware of. Let’s spill some interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that everyone doesn’t know.

 1. Would Have Pursued Hockey

Reeves was an excellent hockey player in school. He represented his school in many matches and showed great potentials to become a professional in it. But an injury from the sports changed his views and discouraged him to pursue hockey as a career. He loved playing it but to feel relaxed and not to make money out of it.

 2. He Was In A Band

After hockey, Keanu had almost made a career out of a music band. He had the time of his life as a member of Dogstar which had created quite a buzz back then. Dogstar had impressed many fans and got invited to events like the London fest to perform. However, Keanu’s priorities shifted as he started to get more promising roles in movies leading the band to dissolve eventually.

 3. Anything For Al Pacino

Keanu was a big Al Pacino fan and would have done anything to star alongside him. He let go of a significant share of his salary so that the producers could cast Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate. In exchange for less money, Keanu got to share the screen with his favorite.

 4. Has A Cancer Foundation

Reeves has faced a lot of hardships in the past from where he learned to have empathy and compassion. He dedicated most of his life to his sister after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her illness also encouraged him to open a cancer foundation that sends funds to various children’s hospitals. The actor has been financing many institutions and foundations silently.

 5. Loves Nomadic Life

One might imagine the Hollywood star in a majestic mansion on Beverly Hills leading a luxurious life. But Keanu cannot stay in one place for long and loves to travel from hotel to hotel like a gypsy. According to reports, the man with a net worth of $350 million stays on the sets or travels incognito in ripped jeans, unshaven and shabby.

 6. Was Not The First Choice For The Matrix

Highest Grossing Movies of Keanu Reeves

Would Keanu’s career graph be the same had he not been in The Matrix? Keanu was not the first choice, not even second but probably the sixth choice for the classic sci-fi. The directors were considering Will Smith followed by Nicholas Cage, Brad Pitt, etc. before finally landing on Reeves. Sci-fi was not a promising genre back then and so the actors turned their role for Reeves’s gain.

 7. Female Fans Broke Into His House

Celebrities are used to fans, followers, and paparazzi all around. But some of his fans turned out to be creepy stalkers who broke into his apartment two different times. One of them had snuck into his bathroom, took a shower, and then went for skinny dipping into his pool when the staff saw her and handed her over to the cops.

 8. Started With Ad Commercials

Facts About Keanu Reeves
Facts About Keanu Reeves

One of the highest-paid actors of Hollywood started his career on the camera with ad commercials. His first break on the screen was in a Coca-Cola ad where he came second in a bicycle race and got rewarded with a Coke drink.

 9. He Is A Believer Of Spirits

Highest Grossing Movies of Keanu Reeves

The Constantine actor has reasons to believe in the existence of ghosts. He was six years when he experienced a spooky activity in his bedroom. He had moved to a new apartment and was in his bedroom with his nanny when an empty jacket came floating towards them. It had no visible body but its sleeves were waving at him.

 10. A Movie Role Made Him A Smoker

Facts About Keanu Reeves
Facts About Keanu Reeves

Keanu always led a healthy life and stayed away from cigarettes until ‘Feeling Minnesota’ happened. His character for a smoker and in order to blend with it, Keanu started smoking and caught the addiction.

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