New NWH Concept Art Reveals The Deleted Doc Ock and Green Goblin Team Up Fight!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the latest entry in MCU’s Phase 4 and the best so far. The movie hit the theatres with a bang, and within two weeks, the movie was one of the top 10 highest-grossing movies. As of now, the movie has broken 2012’s The Avengers‘ record and reigns at the 8th position. The movie features all three live-action iterations of Spider-Man in one frame and is regarded as the best Spider-Man movie of all time. And if this wasn’t enough, we got to see the villains of the old Spider-Man movies, too. But did you know that we were supposed to get a Doc Ock and Green Goblin team-up moment?

With an arsenal of the best villains, the movie had several fight sequences. Most of the villains introduced themselves while fighting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Though all fight scenes were better than what we have been seeing so far, there was one scene that could have been longer. But as it turns out, the developers of the movie did decide to stretch that sequence but then dropped the idea. Keep up with us to find out more about the art.



Many of you might remember the first major fight scene in the movie at the freeway. The scene served the purpose of introducing the first two villains who crossed the multiversal bridge. We got to see a super-awesome and detailed fight scene between MCU’s Peter and Doc Ock. Peter, quite cleverly, takes over the Doc’s tentacles using Stark Tech and saves the Damage Control people a lot of trouble. And just as they were going to wrap up, we hear the nostalgic maniacal laugh of the infamous Green Goblin. However, their fight was cut short by Doctor Strange opening a portal to the Sanctum Sanctorum.


At that time, many fans believed that it was a waste of a wonderful opportunity. It was so because now that Ock was in Peter’s control, it would have been Green Goblin vs Spider-Man and Doc Ock. And recently, the new concept art has been unearthed that confirms that such a scene was planned but discarded. This concept art was revealed by NWH concept artist, Sean Hargreaves, via ArtStation. 

If you take a look at the proposed scenes, you’ll find out that the original plan was much different. Initially, the action director had planned a more brutal fight that could have resulted in a lot more damage.


Check it out:

Doc Ock and Green Goblin Team Up

According to the concept art, Green Goblin and Doc Ock seem to have teamed up to go against Spider-Man. So, it is clear that this was before Doc Ock takes Stark’s nano-tech upon his tentacles. So, it seems believable when Hargreaves describes this discarded fight scene as much more epic. Peter’s Spider-Man, though experienced, is still an amateur, and fighting two villains at the same time would have been brutal for him. Take a look at how Spider-Man struggles to save the civilians while the villains attack them.


If this doesn’t convince that you this scene would have been one of the best action sequences in Spider-Man movies so far, this photo will surely convince you.

The scene was supposed to cause so much destruction that the flames rose as high as the clouds. This shot confirms that it was not just the freeway, but also the neighboring areas that endured damage from their fight. Also, take a closer look at the collapsing freeway, as Spider-Man tries his very best to save it. God, I got chills just by looking at it.


Look at how Peter uses his webs to save a part of the freeway to drop on a horde of innocent civilians. However, he couldn’t hold on much longer as you see the freeway collapsed and broke the bridge in two.

Doc Ock and Green Goblin Team Up

This scene fully reveals just how much damage the two villains caused. However, J Jonah Jameson will surely find a way to pin all of this on Peter Parker as this is what he does best. Do you remember the train on which MIT’s Assistant Vice-Chancellor was about to fall but didn’t, thanks to Peter? Well, in this sequence, it is not only a car that falls but a whole huge piece of the freeway.


Have a look:

This is the kind of action scene that many people want to see in Spider-Man movies. But their dark and violent nature contradicts the jolly nature of the superhero. However, this was not able to stop Hargreaves and his team from creating such a brutal and epic battle that could have made us scream.

A high shoutout to Hargreaves for releasing these awesome concept arts and revealing what we missed in the movie. Even though the creatives decided against including the scenes in the movie, the art and action crew deserve respect for constructing such an elaborate battle scene.


Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered on the big screen on December 17, 2021. If you haven’t already seen the movie, don’t miss the chance of experiencing the biggest Spider-Man movie of all time.

How did you like the discarded fight plan? Would you have wanted to see this in the final cut? Let us know in the comments below.

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