Phase 4 Makes It Clear Why The MCU Needs The Illuminati

Spider-Man: No Way Home actually led to some of the most interesting developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We got to get a glance at the chaos that the multiverse can cause and it is actually scary and might lead to a massive narrative. This chaos is definitely going to be carried into the future of the MCU as we saw that it will be carried in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, Multiverse of Madness. Strange has to face some rather daunting events and he won’t be alone as he will take help from some interesting character in the MCU. But it seems that it is about time that Strange had some more help with him so that they can help overlook the vast number of events taking place. With the rumors of the Illuminati superhero team making their debut in the MCU, it actually fits the present scenario of the chaos due to the multiverse. No Way Home showed us why the MCU needs the Illuminati now more than ever!

MCU Team-Ups

Marvel Studious has a lot of projects lined up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but none of them seems to be about setting up The Avengers. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, most of the movies that we have gotten so far mostly have been solo ventures. Each of the solo ventures has actually given us a narrative that might set up the next big event for the MCU. We have seen this pattern before too, as we saw the characters’ narratives being set up before a major venture. But this time around the multiverse is being set up and that opens the door for a variety of dangers to the planet.


But each of these solo ventures might give way to some rather interesting team-up projects in the future. We can see that some of the characters are already teaming up while appearing in supporting roles in the movies. We saw that Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine is actually creating a team of certain renditions of the characters of Avengers. This team already has members like Yelena and the U.S. Agent and they might lead to the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts under Contessa’s leadership. Based on some of the other projects that are also scheduled to come out, we can get team-ups like the Midnight Sons, Ultimates, and even the Defenders.


The Illuminati

Why the MCU needs the Illuminati

Another interesting team that might come very handy at the present time has to be the Illuminati. We have gotten various teases for the team-up actually happening in the MCU. In Iron Man 2, we saw the team being dropped in as an Easter egg in Stark’s phone as an app that appears next to an app for SHIELD. This might have been a nod to the team but now is actually the right time for the MCU to establish them. Some of the most important characters that are a part of this team have already appeared in the movie and it won’t be surprising to see them actually appearing in a future project. With the multiverse and the sacred timeline at pure mayhem, the Illuminati can appear and be of significant help for the MCU.


Considering the MCU has already mentioned the existence of such a team, this could mean that there used to be some version of this team during 2010. This team could have consisted of the likes of Nick Fury and Hank Pym, along with Stark himself. These three were the only characters who might have come together at that time. Marvel is known for retconning certain events like the young Peter Parker in Iron Man 2. It won’t be surprising to see them actually utilizing the Illuminati reference and bring the team to the modern-day and add new members. Fans will have to wait and see how Marvel deals with this as we are also going to see Reed Richards also being a part of the MCU with the upcoming Fantastic Four movie for MCU.


Why the MCU needs the Illuminati

As Iron Man is already dead in the MCU, we can see the Multiverse is a perfect means to set up this league of heroes in order to make the team whole again. The main figures for the team like Black Bolt, Iron Man, Professor X could be brought from across the multiverse in order to become something that will look over the multiverse. This might be rather exciting considering the narratives we are going to get over the next few years might make the multiverse a much smoother concept than what we have seen so far. As the chaos of the multiverse is put to rest, Strange can actually form the team and look over such threats with the team.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters worldwide on May 6.

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