The Multiverse Illuminati Might Answer A Question About Loki’s TVA

Ever since fans got a chance to explore the Time Variance Authority in Disney+’s Loki, they have had more questions than answers. But, according to us, the biggest question must be regarding the vintage technology used by the TVA employees. Wonder no more, because we think that the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer might explain the dated tech. Keep up with the post to find more about the theory involving the Multiverse Illuminati and how it explains one of the mysteries of the TVA.

We first got to know about the Time Variance Authority when they arrested Loki in the pilot episode of Loki. Among many things, the TVA was very new to us, and were unaware of its complexities. And each episode brought new things to us that were too complex to understand right away. Fans always figured that future MCU projects might make us understand the TVA. And with the new Doctor Strange 2’s trailer, we think we are getting it now. We think that the TVA still uses half a century-old tech because of the presence of the Illuminati in the multiverse.



With heavy rumors of the Illuminati coming into the mix in the upcoming Doctor Strange, we think it will answer quite an important question. Why does an advanced organization like the TVA use outdated tech that existed 50 years ago from now? And we think it’s got to do something with the creator of the TVA and his involvement with the Illuminati. And no, we are not talking about the robotic Time Keepers here.


Multiverse Illuminati

A new theory suggests that the creator of the TVA, He-Who-Remains, was an esteemed member of the Illuminati. That was until he got fired, quit, or just plain left the organization. Notably, he feared the organization and the strengths of its members. So, to spite them, he went on to create an organization for himself where he made sure that he will never need to fear the Illuminati. And, then there was the TVA. The organization swore to stop the Multiverse from branching. He developed a tech where he will be deciding the flow of time and the occurrence of each event. Pretty creepy, right?! A huge shoutout to Redditor, u/Wonderbread1999, for pointing this out for us!



But this doesn’t fully explain the TVA’s tech. This does. He-Who-Remains knew of the capabilities of the Illuminati’s members. Particularly, if the rumors are true, Superior Iron Man’s. So, to stop him from disrupting his plans, he used the most secured form of tech in the TVA. One that was out of reach of Superior Iron Man’s viruses or his AIs. And thus the hardcopy of every folder. You have to agree on this, it was pretty weird to see an organization like TVA having a library with a record for every individual and his variants. And don’t get us started on the hideous computer monitors. We get the vintage look but still…


TVA design. from MCUTheories

In this way, he managed to create a Sacred Timeline with no interference from any of the Illuminati members. Also, by creating the TVA, he probably managed to stop the Illuminati from even coming together. Not even that, he even kept his distance from the organization. In the circumstance of the Illuminati coming together and finding out all about He-Who-Remains’ deeds, they might never find him. Hell, even we didn’t know about him until Sylvie and Loki went after him. He was successful in keeping himself away from every computer file and document in the organization. Doesn’t that look like a person who is trying his very best to stay hidden? He even went to the lengths of making a group of robots pose as the Time Keepers. Also, don’t forget about his all-powerful guard dog, Alioth.


With everything eventually leading up to He-Who-Remains’ Kang variant, we know that he will be a formidable villain. But seeing him hiding from the Illuminati shows the extent of things getting out of hand in the upcoming movie. By far, the known members of the infamous group of Illuminati are Professor X, Mordo, Defender Strange, Mr. Fantastic, and Superior Iron Man. While Patrick Stewart and Chiwetel Ejiofor will be returning to reprise their roles, new actors will be appearing for the roles of Mr. Fantastic (preferably, John Krasinski) and Superior Iron Man(preferably, Tom Cruise).


Multiverse Illuminati

Keep an eye on the madness caused by the multiverse until Doctor Strange returns to save the day on May 4. But will he be able to? Express your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Also, tell us what you think of this theory.

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