Spider-Man Homecoming: Here’s Why The Vulture Is Terrifying

Spider-Man: Homecoming will bring the rise of movie villain The Vulture aka Adrian Toomes, and played by Michael Keaton. Along with showcasing Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) life post his contact with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes in Captain America: Civil War, the fans would also be fed with the complete origin story for the film’s main antagonist.

Homecoming is going to be what would be bringing Keaton back in the superhero film genre, it’s been 28 years since he put on the black cape and watched over the streets of Gotham in Tim Burton’s Batman. This time, however, he’s changed sides from being the protagonist to becoming the villain, collecting the remains from the Avenger fights till date and building complex powerful weapons from them. It is up to Spider-Man now, to stop him from advancing his illegal operations and causing more serious damage to the people of New York.

In a special feature from the Disney Channel mainly talking about Vulture, executive producer Jeremy Latcham gave insight on Keaton’s character:

“The Vulture’s realizing there’s this black market in trading MCU relics that he can sell this stuff on. We’re going to see that guy’s rise in this criminal underworld.”

Director Jon Watts added that the notion that a person is there, watchful, an opportunist, who’s leading a team who all discreetly have been following Avengers’ battles and have been making a living out of scavenging from those battle sites is interesting.

“The idea that there are detritus from all the other movies that had settled and that’s hidden and that’s out there, the Vulture, he was just sort of an engineer who built this wing suit to try and collect that stuff and do something with it.”

Vulture’s motivation somewhat sounds genius. Not only does it tie the ropes of the Spider-Man film to the MCU through the Avengers’ battles perfectly tying Peter with the rest of the shared cinematic universe but also the current scenario of the MCU acknowledging the aftermath of these Avenger battles, it also lets the audience know that this incarnation of Spider-Man is quite different to the others as this would be the first time that the character is shown to exist in the same world as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest, showing that even after already a being superhero, Peter is not yet completely established when compared to the Avengers.

Marvel movies don’t usually have well-defined villains but Toomes, here seems to be more than just a one-dimensional antagonist with his motivation and well-thought genius and motivated background. It is now soon to be seen that how will Peter stop the older and more experienced Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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