10 Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies You Missed

Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies:

Of course, you are not surprised to see mistakes and X-Men movies in one sentence. X-Men started with a bang and delivered a few good movies through its journey. However, some disastrous ones like X-Men Origins: Wolverine tanked the brand name miserably. The only actors and superheroes from Fox’s Marvel Universe who won the fans are Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy.

No matter what, we are still emotionally attached to this franchise since it pioneered in making continuity movies in superhero movies long before MCU and DCEU. MCU and DCEU wouldn’t have existed had X-Men not inspired them. It was a gift for diehard comic book fans could watch some of their heroes in live-action.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Reviews

Now that Disney has taken over Fox, we look forward to MCU’s plans for the mutants. Now that we have bid goodbye to the X-Men universe with Logan and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (What a Relief!), let us analyze the plot holes and hilarious mistakes that many viewers didn’t realize back then. Find out the 10 funny mistakes in X-Men movies that you missed.

 1. Wolverine’s Metal Claws

Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies

X-Men was infamous for its continuity errors and this point is one of the biggest proofs. Wolverine lost his metal claws to the Silver Samurai in The Wolverine. Yet, he still had his metal claws in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The last time we checked, Logan could regrow his natural bone claws but not the metal ones.

 2. Xavier Didn’t Use Cerebro On Magneto’s Army

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Magneto paraded through Earth in his dorky helmet to protect his mind from being penetrated by the Cerebro and Xavier’s manipulation. Yet, it didn’t occur to the evil leader to upgrade his army with a helmet too. Surprisingly, even Charles didn’t bother to use the Cerebro on Magneto’s army to trace their location.

 3. Logan’s Wounds

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is best known for his quick-healing abilities. He has recovered from the worst imaginable injuries throughout the movies including gunshots, stabs and blasts. Yet the one thing that body can’t heal is the mark from the electrode pads. We see them in the first X-Men movie when Wolverine rips of the pads from his chest in the X-Mansion.

 4. Magneto Can Influence Smoke

Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies
Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies

In one of the scenes when Magneto was pulling the gun towards him away from the cop’s hand with his mind, it wasn’t just the gun that changed its direction. If you observe the background carefully, even the smoke from the exhaust began to reverse.

 5. Wolverine’s Clothes Heal Too

Wolverine’s cells regenerate really fast, rendering him to regrow bones, organs and skin. But in X-Men: The Last Stand, we learnt that even his clothes heal themselves. Wolverine’s clothes were stained with blood after he was stabbed by bones in the stomach. But after a few seconds, not only did his wounds heal but even his short turned pristine white.

 6. Screws on Wolverine’s Claws

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was supposed to show us how Logan got his metal claws. But the secret was accidentally revealed in X-Men film when two head screws appeared on each of his claws. You can watch it when Magneto lifts Wolverine in the air at the train station and bends his claws.

 7. Wolverine Recalls His Past

Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies
Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies

This is another case of continuity error. Maybe the directors and writers didn’t dare to re-watch or revisit their own scripts from previous movies. We saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine how Logan’s memories were wiped out when Stryker shot a bullet through his head. Logan forgot his girlfriend in a second but remembered saving a Japanese stranger from atomic explosion in World War II.

 8. Bobby’s Parents Walked Past Cyclops’ Car

When the X-Men sought Bobby’s house for safe haven, his parents were shocked to see people at their place. But Bobby’s parents had parked their car right behind Cyclops’s vehicle. Who were they expecting in that unknown car?

 9. Storm’s Lightning

Storm’s superpowers include manipulating and controlling weather aka Atmokinesis and weather modification. But X-Men: The Last Stand got in all wrong as Storm could produce lightning from her hand like Thor and Flash. She can influence the weather, not cast lightning like the God of Thunder.

 10. The Cadillac From Future

Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies
Funny Mistakes In X-Men Movies

Big budget movies like X-Men distributed by studios like Fox have a separate team assigned for props. Yet the department failed to do the one job they were hired for. X-Men: First Class was set in 1962 but more than half of the props set in the movie didn’t belong to that year. Xavier was seen using a Cadillac in the movie but the car wasn’t released until the ‘70s.

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