10 Comic Facts About Infinity Stones That MCU Did Not Address

Because of the creative liberties, MCU always misses one or two things in its movies. It changes the storylines of certain characters adding new events. Now the Infinity Stones story arc was highly successful. The stones were the most powerful ones in the universe and Thanos tried to get his hands on them so that he can wipe out half of the universe. The source material was properly adapted to the film. But there are some Comic facts about Infinity Stones that did not make it or were not mentioned in the MCU

1. The Time Stone

Time Stone was orange-colored in the comics. But it was shown green in the films since its debut in Doctor Strange. It had powers more than just temporal manipulation. Apart from operating and controlling the flow of time, it grants omniscience to the bearer. It lets them see and know everything that was and will ever be. It is the ultimate knowledge that is mostly associated with a God or other deity. The Time Stone also comes with unfathomable powers of deduction, strategy, and planning.

2. The Mind Stone

The Mind Stone grants Loki a massive set of powers and includes mind control over others through his staff. It was also used as a catalyst for its fusion with Ultron AI and led to the creation of Vision. It had more capabilities in the comics. It could increase the mental acuity and psychic powers of the bearer. Mind Stone lets the bearer theoretically probe the minds of every sentient life form in the galaxy. Someone like Charles Xavier can also feel jealous over this much power.

3. No mention of the other gems

Now MCU fans are sure about one thing that there are six Infinity Stones. But they are not the only ones in the lineup. There are more Infinity Gems present in the comics. But they have not made their MCU debut. This includes Ego, Continuity, and Death Gems that have different types of powers. The Ego Gem is a vessel for Nemesis’ cosmic consciousness and the Death Gem was used in an attempt to kill Thanos. The Continuity Gems lets Deadpool characters break the fourth wall more hilariously.

4. They were originally all Soul Gems

The Infinity Gems were first revealed in the Marvel comic books in 1972. But they have not taken their actual form that is unknown to MCU fans. The Soul Gem was revealed but it evolved a few years later with the expansion of the number to a total of six and they were considered “Soul Gems”. The Gems got their complete canonical infamy while Thanos entered the scene. They have evolved more through subsequent material. This started with one Gem, a generic moniker and an iconic villain to turn them into a mainstream pop culture name.

5. The Reality Stone

MCU’s version of Reality Stone was hidden in plain sight as something called the Aether and introduced in Thor: The Dark World. It is not how the Stone operates in the comics but it half-reflects its capabilities. It can manipulate reality and the laws of physics. Thanos used this Stone on various occasions in the MCU. But it is like a Genie’s bottle that can grant wishes and transcend the physical boundaries of the universe. It can warp and bend reality according to the wish of the person who wields it.

6. They are interdimensional

MCU films simplified the origin story of the Infinity Stones by linking them to the Big Bang. But it is more complex in comic books. They were born out of an alternate universe inhabited by the Celestials, a race of cosmically powered super beings that affected many things in the universe. MCU has not made a direct reference to the Celestials. Their universe created many Infinity Gems that were deposited on every known parallel universe and seeding them with their power. The origin story has been altered many times in the comics.

7. The Soul Stone

Comic Facts About Infinity Stones

Soul Stone has been one of the mysterious and misunderstood stones in the MCU. It appears in Avengers: Endgame as the main stone that leads to Black Widow’s death to possess it. It might have a mind of its own and it does. The films have left out the main aspect of its properties and this includes a connection to a dimension called the Soul World. This can be theoretically compared to the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations, a veritable utopia included in a pocket dimension accessible through the stone.

8. The Nemesis connection

The Infinity Gems came in the comics when the cosmic entity Nemesis was unveiled. She was the only sentient life form in the universe. Instead of dealing with the crippling loneliness of her existence, she ended her own life by breaking up her powers into each of the Gems. Nemesis returned as an Infinity Gauntlet on steroids. The Gems were an extension of her very being. This is why she can control them better than other beings. But she was still defeated by the Avengers and UltraForce.

9. The Space Stone

The Space Stone is usually called the Tesseract in the MCU. There is a stone inside the glowing blue cube and its powers opened a portal to New York. Thanos’ army could swarm in and start a conflict that ended in disaster. The Stone could transport the bearer anywhere in space and time and this is how Loki used it to escape S.H.I.E.L.D. in Avengers: Endgame. The Stone lets the bearer exist among all points in time and space and this needs a strong mind to fathom as well as control.

10. The Power Stone

The Power Stone was revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy. It can grant the user a lot of physical power that increases defensiveness, attack strength, and durability at the cosmic level. It was the main ingredient in Thanos’ plan to get the other Stones by supercharging himself. But the film leaves out a fact that the Power Stone grants the bearer control over all forms of power and energy that exist at all points across space and time. This is not a collective power of the given moment but the full sum of the finite universe. This is a lot of power.

These were the Comic facts about the Infinity Stones that weren’t a part of the movies.

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