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10 Questions About The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Answered

A major surprise at the E3 2021 was the appearance of a title based on Marvel’s cosmic super-team, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Square-Enix’s show left a lot to be desired overall. But they had a strong opening while they introduced the game that takes the Guardians on a new journey. When they showed almost twenty minutes of the gameplay in the game’s first revelation, there were a lot of questions remaining both for those who paid attention and the ones who didn’t. Chief of those is something asked of most games these days – will players be able to enjoy this title with their friends. Well, here are the answers to all the questions you might have about the Guardians Of The Galaxy game:

1. What studio is developing the game?

Whenever a game is developed, a studio is always behind the development of the game. They look after everything related to the game. The same goes for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel’s Avengers was developed by Crystal Dynamics. They are also known for their work on the Tomb Raider reboots. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy game is being developed by Eidos Montreal. They helped earlier on Marvel’s Avengers and on Deus Ex, which is a series of sci-fi stealth games that takes place in a cyberpunk society.

2. What’s the basic story of the game?

The trailer of the game shows the Guardians trying to scrounge up some money as soon as possible. But the game takes place sometime after a big intergalactic war. The Guardians try to take advantage of the situation till they cause an accident that can destroy the galaxy if they are not careful. A few more hints have implied that the group could be fighting against the long-time Guardian foes the Universal Church of Truth. But this is not yet confirmed.

3. Can you control other characters besides Star-Lord?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game

When there is a team of characters in a game, what we want to do is play as everyone. But the first title reveal of the game makes it look like the primary character could be the Guardians’ team leader, Star-Lord. Instead of being able to switch between all the characters whenever they want, the player is just placed in the role of Quill. This gives the team a chance to develop a character’s move-set to be unique and this is why the character gets to jet around and use the element guns on enemies. But the player can direct the other characters for special assist moves and do combo moves for more damage.

4. What platforms will it be available for?

When a big game like the Guardians of the Galaxy is announced, we try to figure out if we could play it on all the devices or not. This time you don’t have to worry about that. Guardians of the Galaxy will be released for the last and current generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles along with PC. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch. But it will be available on Switch by the way of the cloud. This means that Switch users can stream the game on the internet instead of playing it directly from the console. This was seen earlier in games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Resident Evil 7.

5. Will there be other costumes?

Fans of certain games like Guardians of the Galaxy always wonder if they would be stuck in one main costume while playing the game. This is a valid question since there is no shortage of costumes in the comics and films. Here, you can find almost 40 different outfits throughout your playthroughs. For comic book fans, they can put the characters in their classic outfits through the Throwback Guardians pack that comes with a pre-order for the title.

6. Does Guardians have multiplayer?

In terms of team-focused games, fans assume that it can be a multiplayer co-op title. A lot of fans did not like Marvel’s Avengers games as a service focus. But people still wanted to try the game for the multiplayer element hoping that it will be fun to play with friends. Now fans are going to feel a little disappointed here. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been designed as a single-player title. This means that a plan of playing Rocket and Groot together with a friend is done for now.

7. When does the game come out?

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game

As gaming fans, people wait for the announcement of the release date of the game. The Square-Enix games are announced far ahead of time that even fans joke that it will be a decade before they can see the release of the game. Final Fantasy XV was announced a long time ago before the eventual release that was planned as a side game to Final Fantasy XIII. Marvel’s Avengers was announced in 2017 but it was not seen till E3 2019 and the game did not release till Summer 2020. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been in development for a long time. If all goes according to the plan, then the game could get released on October 26, 2021.

8. What’s the roster?

Fans will have access to only Star-Lord in terms of playing the game. But it is still a team-based title. So it is not hard to think who the cast is going to be. The main cast of the game would be the classic team from the MCU movie. Star-Lord will be the team’s smart-mouthed leader. Drax will be the team muscle. Gamora will be the deadliest woman in the Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon and Groot look like long-time friends that have fallen in with the rest of the members. So, the roster of five is surely a very good start.

9. Are other Guardians in the game?

All the fans of the Guardians know well that they have had a huge team to work with. The franchise also had a counterpart in the future. The films have assigned the characters Cosmo and Mantis to the team. But more people have joined the comics in the last few years. The team started by fighting dangers in the galaxy and many other heroes tried to help them out. The developers have also hinted that other Guardians members may be available to join the team. But they have not revealed much in detail. But a few of the comic classic versions would be about to join up.

10. Is it based on the MCU or in the comics?

Eidos Montreal was asked on many outlets that if the game will be more like the MCU films or the serious comic books. Now according to the developers, they were given all the freedom to take from the comic books and cartoons. This allowed them to pick and choose concerning making a new canon. But from the look of everything, it seems like the game will take after the films in comparison to the comics. So overall, there is a chance that we would get to see the comedic as well as serious elements while playing the games. Apart from that, the movie characters have always been faithful to the comics in the way they have been portrayed on the big screen.

These are the answers to all the questions about the new Guardians Of The Galaxy game.

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