• 10 Questions About The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Answered

    A major surprise at the E3 2021 was the appearance of a title based on Marvel’s cosmic super-team, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Square-Enix’s show left a lot to be desired overall. But they had a strong opening while they introduced the game that takes the Guardians on a new journey. When they showed almost twenty minutes of the gameplay…

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  • Hogwarts Legacy: Warner Bros Announces Brand New Harry Potter Game

    Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter Game Potterheads and gamers have something new to look forward to in 2021. The Harry Potter universe as you would know has expanded its horizon to a great extent, inhabiting not just 7 books and 8 movies but theme parks, merchandise, and even videogames. Now, the Potterverse has something more for the fans and it sounds…

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Officially Arriving in 2020

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Officially Arriving in 2020

    The highly speculated next Call of Duty game has indeed turned out to be Black Ops Cold War. We’ve got the confirmation from Treyarch Studios that they’re working with Raven Software on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (even though it was already known to most of us). Its logo was first leaked by a pack of Doritos, but…

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  • How PUBG is Secretly Stealing Money

    How PUBG is Secretly Stealing Money Out of You And You Never Even Noticed

    How PUBG is Secretly Stealing Money: One of the most played games in Google Play Store and on Steam PUBG has taken the world by storm. You own a smartphone, there is a high possibility that you have either come across or even played PUBG. The game is extremely addictive and is one of the greatest revenue generators in the…

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  • Thor Gives Avengers Their Newest Ride

    Thor Gives The Avengers Their Newest Ride And it is Way Cooler Than The Quin-Jet

    Thor Gives Avengers Their Newest Ride: Throughout time immemorial, the superheroes have always had a cool method of transportation. Batman has the Bat-Mobile. Wonder Woman has the Invisible Plane. The Fantastic Four and even the X-Men have their own signature ways of moving around. The Avengers’ method of doing that was via the Quin-Jet, a SHIELD jet-powered vehicle that can…

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  • How Can Computer Games Help to Improve Students' Memory?

    How Can Computer Games Help to Improve Students’ Memory?

    Even though most of us believe that PC games have a negative effect on the students’ academic achievements, there is evidence indicating that this kind of entertainments has a lot of mental health benefits, many youngsters are happy to find out that enjoying PC games is among them. There was a neurobiological study undertaken at the University of California, in…

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  • Avengers E3 Marvel

    Marvel’s Avengers Trailer & Release Date Revealed at E3

    With the Avengers making it big in the movies and at the Box Office, & Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 making a huge impact upon gaming, Marvel is finally giving us the game we’ve always wanted. It’s time that the consoles evolved from Marvel vs. Capcom. WB has been using DC really well for their games as the world loves the Batman…

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  • Google Stadia

    Google Unveils Google Stadia – Gaming Console That Can Run Any Game on Any Computer

    Google Stadia:  The Gaming industry has come a long way since the days of Tetris and Pac-Man. With the boom in technology and the subsequent technological revolution, the average game lover has now access to lots of games. FPS, TPS, RPG – you name it, they got it. Atari and Nintendo have given rise to a lot of gaming consoles.…

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  • Harry Potter Game Wizards Unite

    The New Harry Potter Game ‘Wizards Unite’ to be Launched in 2019

    Harry Potter Game: With the release of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, the hype for the wizarding world is too high right now and now there is some more magical news for all Potterheads out there. After the huge success of the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon Go, Warner Bros has teamed up with Niantic Labs to create a Harry Potter version…

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  • Spider-Man Marvel

    Marvel’s Spider-Man Nominated For Game of the Year for 2018

    Sometimes I really feel that the day isn’t far enough when everything in this world will belong to the world of Superheroes and I really hope one day we will see Thanos stepping into the earth. Well, the thing is Marvel’s Spider-Man game about which everyone was talking about has been nominated for the award of Best Game of the…

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  • With Spider-Man, A Marvel Gaming Universe May Actually be on Its Way…

    Marvel has created a bar so high with their Cinematic Universe that no other franchise or even Studio could come close to doing what they have done. DC, on the other hand, have not been able to establish their Universe successfully and now they are looking to restart things anyway. But one thing that we have to admit here is…

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  • Marvel’s New Spider-Man Playstation Game Drops an Easter-egg to Remember Legendary Steve Ditko

    Spider-Man’s popularity is hardly a question because Sony’s latest PS4 exclusive has already beaten Far Cry 5 and God of War and has become the fastest selling Marvel game of all-time. It has also been the top choice among gamers instead of God of War because it has been sold almost twice the amount of the biggest exclusive of the…

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  • Who Is The Big Mystery Villain In The Latest Spider-Man PS4 Game?

    Sony’s PlayStation 4 keeps on evolving and making our lives better and more stress-free. Every year we get some insane games that people are hyped about instantly with just the announcements, and looking at the trailers becomes a whole new story. Coming out of the world of Cinema, Gaming is the most addictive forum that has people all across the…

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  • The Most Expected Video Games Coming Out Later This Fall

    This fall promises to bring one of the most stacked lineups of game releases ever with a lot of anticipated titles on multiple platforms and genres. By reading this article, you will be able to take a look at the best games that were or are going to be released this fall and at end of the year. Without further…

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  • 9 Games Missing From Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference

    Sony kept its promise regarding the fact that the E3 was just a part of what they have in store for their fans in 2017 and the Paris Games Week Conference was a total feast for fans and the industry, in general. But even if they really managed to please the majority of fans, the ones that were expecting some…

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  • mobile game pokemon go

    The Most Popular Mobile Game is BANNED in This Country

    Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Suddenly, a 13-year-old teenager and a 55-year-old grown up are on the same page, both locating Pokemons on the streets. This is a huge comeback by the Pokemon company into the mobile gaming space and has caught the world by storm.…

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  • How To Earn Money From PokéMon Go

    People’s favorite game Pokémon Go has already surpassed Candy Crush Saga as the most played game of all time and has more active users than any other app in less than a week.  The number of downloads of the game was reported to be highest within a time frame of 24 hours and it has also beaten Clash Royale and became…

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  • Pokemon Go

    All you need to know about Pokemon Go!

    Pokemon Go is a game which has got spread like viruses in just a very minimal time. The game focuses on catching the Pokemon around the world. Pokemon Go is a game for all those 90s generation kids  who have been waiting since eternity to catch their own Pokemon. The game offers you 3 starter Pokemon- Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and…

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  • Pokemon

    Pokemon Go is the Best mobile game ever for Criminals?

    Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, GPS based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Suddenly, a 13-year-old teenager and a 55-year-old grown up are on the same page, both locating Pokemon on the streets. This is a huge comeback by the Pokemon company into the mobile gaming space and has caught America and parts of…

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  • FIFA 17

    FIFA 17

    The hype & buzz around FIFA games is immense. Only true football fanatics understand the real emotions behind the game. Well, I’m that guy who likes to park the bus & rile up the other player. It’s always fun playing FIFA with your mates. FIFA 17 is all set to launch in a couple of months & we just can’t…

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  • spiderman game

    Sony announces new Spiderman game exclusively for PS4

    For all you PlayStation fans, get geared up as Sony at the E3 press conference announced the biggest release of their new and exclusive Spiderman game for PlayStation 4 by Ratchet and Clank, developer of Insomniac Games. Marvel Games head Jay Ong, made a public debut by venturing into the company’s console gaming business. “When I joined, I knew that…

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  • road-rash-1

    5 PC/CONSOLE Games That Shaped Our Childhood

    Roadrash Released in 1991 by Electronic Arts, this was a widely popular game among the 90’s generation kids. It involved participating in illegal street races along with a huge dose of violence. It was an extremely entertaining game spread over five levels, where a player could choose to buy bigger and meaner bikes as he progressed from level to level…

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