Online Casinos in Africa

Casinos in the continent of Africa have gained tremendous popularity, much to the amazement of many. The industry has surely flourished in recent years, be it online or traditional. Some have even risen to the standards of the world’s best casinos, and no wonder people all over the world yearn for some gambling experience in the African continent. Here is more about the casinos in different African countries.

Future Of African Online Casinos

african online casinos     

Ever since the gambling laws have changed, Africa sees a rise in the number of both brick and mortar and online casinos. Now that they can play more freely, many have taken an interest in gambling, whether slot games, poker, or any other. Countries like Uganda have gone as far as planning to make the gambling industry nationalized. The good thing is that the countries are also taking measures to have better laws to prevent gambling from going out of control.  Due to the warm welcome by African countries, many gaming operators are looking forward to entering the industry of African casinos. African online casinos have drawn a great deal of attention that most top online casinos have grown significantly here. Someone rightly said that the future of casinos in Africa really looks bright.

Casinos in South Africa

It is interesting to know that a large population of the gambling lot are people from South Africa. The casino market sweeps revenue of about $2 billion annually, with over 35 land-based casinos functioning in the country. These businesses let all sorts of gamblers play their heart out as most games and betting are legal here. South African online casinos are mostly operated by foreign companies as the government doesn’t allow local operators to conduct online business.  The country had had more than 2,000 illegal casinos before the gambling laws were put in place. The number shows the sheer interest the citizens had in the casinos much before it was legalized.

Casinos in Uganda

Like many other countries, betting is legal in Uganda. Passionate gamblers can choose from an array of physical and online casinos suiting their interest. Once the gambling was considered uninviting as it was thought to make the youth unproductive. As a strict measure, the land-based casinos are required to keep the necessary distance from educational institutions not to draw the attention of minors.  Recently there has been a spike in the number of casinos, and the industry has generated great revenue. In fact, the tax revenue has risen by about thirty times in a span of ten years. As the government is looking to improve the national budget, the casino industry exists as a potential contributor.

Casinos in Nigeria

The casino industry in Nigeria is fast-growing, with positive effects on both society and the economy. Nigeria has the second-most prosperous casino industry after South Africa. Moreover, the country offers support to local casinos and bookmakers alike, provided they abide by the laws. Currently, there are three casinos in the country, two in Abuja and one in Lagos.  There are a few illegal games here, and the general gambling activities are supervised by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. iGaming giant BtoBet has very recently launched a partnership agreement with Nigerian Bookmaker BetXperience to aid their online channels and betting shops. It is believed that in the near future, the iGaming market of Africa will be led by Nigeria with its digital advancement.

Casinos in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya currently has 30 authorized places where people gamble, and casinos are common here. The country has legalized both land-based and online casinos, much to the relief of the gamblers here. Estimates suggest that more people indulge in gambling using their mobile devices and online bookmakers with mobile-friendly sites are in high demand.  The country’s capital, Nairobi, has the largest casino, with about 150 slot machines. One good thing about the gambling laws is that individuals younger than 18 years are not allowed to gamble inside the borders.

Elsewhere in Africa

Many more countries like Botswana and Morocco have a keen interest in gambling and are doing well in the casino business. The list of countries is expected to grow in the coming years. The happenings highly influence the African continent in the rest of the world, which has accelerated the casino business to a large extent. Let us hope that Africa will rise to the benchmark set by other continents with better laws governing gambling.  



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