Who Is The Big Mystery Villain In The Latest Spider-Man PS4 Game?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 keeps on evolving and making our lives better and more stress-free. Every year we get some insane games that people are hyped about instantly with just the announcements, and looking at the trailers becomes a whole new story. Coming out of the world of Cinema, Gaming is the most addictive forum that has people all across the globe involved in large numbers. Above that, PlayStation is the world’s best-selling console that brings out games of all sorts of genres. The game that has really hyped up the Marvel fans the Sony’s Spider-Man.

Last year, we got to see the first trailer of the game and we have to admit that the trailer got everyone on the edge of their seats. People wanted this game to come out as soon as possible, and now we are so close to the release of this game that people can’t wait for the release any more. Sony’s big presentation at the E23 Expo recently brought out a gameplay trailer for Spider-Man and it opened up a lot of doubts that people had about the game. Here’s the gameplay trailer:

The trailer starts with a prison break sequence where Electro, who is hired by an unknown villain gets a new suit and cuts loose a bunch of Bad guys from the prison that Spider-Man has filled up. And it was pretty apparent that Electro is not going to be the only villain as the next one to show is none other than Rhyno. Spidey takes both of those on and it becomes a chase sequence where the friendly neighborhood guy goes after these two villains from his Rouges Gallery in order to put them back.

Right then enters the third big bad, Scorpion who also has a new suit. He teams up with the other two and Spidey continues his chase. Right when he has the upper hand upon Electro, in comes Vulture and Spider now has to take on the 4 villains. By now, it may be clear to everyone that the Sinister Six is being set up here. The Fifth Villain to show up in this gameplay is Mr. Negative which we have also seen in the first trailer of this game.

All five of those Gang up upon Spider-Man and Spidey is able to hold his against all 5 of them together. He smashes them all, but the fight did not last long as they unleashed their full might on the Web Slinger. Right then enter the Sixth and the main villain who completely Shocks Spider-Man. And right at that moment, the trailer ends leaving the audiences in a total suspense.

Now the big question that arises here is that who exactly this villain is. In the first trailer, we got a glimpse of Shocker as well, but it is pretty obvious that he will surely not be this big villain. He will probably portray a minor role in the game having a small part. The way Spidey was shocked with the entry of this villain, there are just two possibilities that may arise here.

It could either be a friend of Peter Parker, or it may be a big villain from the rogues Gallery. We know that Kingpin has been caught in the game but he still somehow runs the town. But this big villain is actually the one to unite all 5 other villains. There have been rumors and confirmations stating that other Marvel heroes will also be a part of the movie, and the one who could actually arrange something like this and cover all these expenses is Tony Stark. Now before you go crazy over this, there is a possibility to that as Mr. Negative is a character who could influence people’s behaviors and he may have Tony under his influence.

But this may actually take it too. The second and the more probable person appearing here could be Green Goblin. This is definitely a villain who could fly and we know that Oscorp is going to be present in the game. So it could either be Norman Osborn who has arranged all this, or it may be Harry Osborn’s version of Green Goblin. The way Spidey was shocked to see this individual, there is a greater reason to believe that it was none other than Green Goblin.

The game releases on September 7 and we will surely find out then.

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