Why Nick Fury Could Not Call Captain Marvel Before Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best thing to ever happen to the superhero movie industry. It brought Marvel back from the brink of bankruptcy and breathed new life into this stagnant movie genre. Suddenly superhero movies did not have to be self-contained. And then came Avengers, a superhero team-up movie that paved the way for more obscure heroes to join the MCU, such as Captain Marvel. But seeing how overpowered Captain Marvel is, one wonders Why Nick Fury could not call Captain Marvel before Infinity War?

This theory is a bit wonky and relies on 2 Reddit theories to make complete sense. We are going to post them below for your perusal. One covers where Captain Marvel was and why Fury could not call her and the other covers the relevance of the pager and why it takes so long for Carol to arrive on earth. Don’t you think it was strange that Captain Marvel took her sweet time getting to earth while Tony and nebula were busy getting lost in space?


The First theory is by Redditor u/meme_abstinent suggests that Captain marvel is traveling through time. Take a look:

Now, turns out the Skrulls have indeed infiltrated multiple levels of Earth’s infrastructure and the world’s most powerful governments. Not just Earth but many other planets. This prompts Captain Marvel to begin time traveling through the Quantum Realm to begin eliminating the impostors. This is why Marvel is still in the past, and yet Nick Fury at the end of Infinity War can communicate with her….. Furthermore, that is also why he has waited to call all these years as opposed to calling her when Loki invaded Earth or during Ultron; he thought that the Snappening in Infinity War was Skrull related. 


Why Nick Fury Could Not Call Captain Marvel

The second theory is by  Redditor u/burghguy3 talks about how the pager works,

“What if the pager at the end of IW wasn’t to make a call to Captain Marvel somewhere in space, but somewhere in time?…..somehow she knows about the coming snap but doesn’t know when it occurs. She doesn’t want to travel through time frequently looking for it because it would damage the universe (per Dr. Strange). So she gave Fury the pager to turn on after the snap to mark that specific point in time. The pager could either alert Captain Marvel in the Quantum Realm to the correct vortex or even create a new one tied to that point in time.” 


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Both of these theories point out an interesting fact. We don’t know where Carol is. She is implied to be in deep space. But it is just as possible that she is traveling through the quantum realm. The only logical inconsistency in these theories is that without Hank Pym Quantum realm travel may not be possible. Although no one knows what S.H.I.E.L.D. has hidden away. They may even have a more rudimentary way to access the quantum realm.


This would mean that Carol has been on a temporal assassination mission. She has been removing and embedding Skrulls throughout history, I do not know about you but I would love to see that movie. Cinematic Universes such as the MCU often shy away from convoluted time travel for fear that their audience may not completely understand it. Even with something as simple as the time heist, people were still very confused after the events of Endgame.


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So the suggestion is that Fury was always in a dilemma. He could call Carol, but he could only do it once. If he was too early with his signal he would have wasted their only chance to reverse the snap. There is another theory that includes Dr. Strange in this theory as well. It is also possible that Strange used the Time Stone and warned Carol about the impending Doom. He may have laid his plan deeper into history, so much so that we can never begin to unfold the true extent of it.


This theory is a bit wacky but it does explain why Nick Fury could not call Captain Marvel before Infinity War. She was supposed to be a surgical strike, almost like a sniper through time, and Fury was her spotter. What do you think of our analysis? Does it make sense or does it sound too vague? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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