These 19 New Behind The Scenes Images From Endgame & Infinity War Are Stunning

It has been quite a while since we got to see Marvel’s two biggest movies – Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. But now, we have got our hands on 19 new behind-the-scenes Images from Endgame & Infinity War which are absolutely stunning. Take a look at these never seen before images and the secrets that they reveal:

Behind The Scenes Images from Endgame and Infinity War

Death Of The Heroes

This image gives us a look into how the death sequence was shot in Infinity War. With Tony and Spider-Man suffering on Titan the other heroes had to stand alone in Wakanda and that is the reason everyone lost.


Avengers Assemble

A behind-the-scenes image of one of the most iconic moments of the MCU. Captain America picking up the Mjolnir was truly a triumphant moment and we are glad that this image captures the beauty of it so well.

America’s Ass x2

One of the most interesting parts of the time heist was the battle between the two Captain Americas. This picture gives us a look into how the scene was actually shot, with the stunt double clearly distinguishable from Chris Evans.


The Laugh Before the Battle

The final battle of Endgame was kicked off by the most popular heroes Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. These three can be seen here sharing a laugh before shooting one of their most iconic scenes.

Final Battle Behind The Scenes

The Final Battle of Endgame was a sight to behold. It is nice to be able to look at the battle from a completely different perspective and without the CGI. This is the big team-up shot that was deleted from the film.



It seems like the actors are chilling in this picture and watching a video on a tablet/ phone. It is nice to see them enjoy a quiet moment of bonding amidst such a  dark story.

The Curtain Call

It is fantastic to see one of the greatest curtain calls of the MCU captured like this. These three look badass even without all the CGI. Thanos should have been afraid.



It seems that the Russos wanted the Dynamic between Natasha and Steve to really pop out in Endgame. They can be seen here giving the actors notes about their scene

Professor Hulk

Bruce Banner had to walk in stilts in his CGI suit all throughout the production of Endgame due to how tall the Hulk is as compared to other heroes.


True Love

It was nice to see that Steve Rogers finally got his happily ever after at the end of Endgame. This behind the scenes image captures the chemistry that these two individuals share on the screen.


Time Heist

Behind The Scenes Images From Endgame

The Endgame Time heist was one of the most ambitious things that the Avengers have ever done. This Behind the scene image shows us just how different the original shoot was.

The Fun Behind The Funeral

In one of the cutest images to ever exist we see little Morgan playing with Mantis’ makeup during the shooting of Tony Stark’s funeral in Endgame. Truly a bittersweet image for marvel fans.


So We Are using our Made-up names

In another look at Tony’s funeral, we get to see Rhodey, Strange, and Spider-Man interact. They seem to be engaged in behind-the-scenes banter.

Almost at the Finish Line But Not Quite

This looks like a still from the shooting of the Titan Battle scene with Thanos. You can see Tom Holland in his CGI suit standing behind Iron Man and Dr. Strange in the top image and the Russo brothers talking to the actors in the bottom image.


Banter and More Banter

Behind The Scenes Images From Endgame

Scarlet Witch and Vision saw Conversing with Bruce Banner hours before they were completely decimated by the Mad Titan Thanos in his quest to eradicate half the population of the known universe.

Debrief 2

The Wakanda Battle could not have been easy to shoot. We see here Russo Brothers issuing explicit orders to the actors so that everything may go perfectly in the movie.


The Fake-Out

Fans will remember this scene from the trailers. The only difference being Hulk was a part of it at the start but then he was removed in the final cut. It was only to fool the audience.

Moments Before Disaster

The Vision, as seen behind the scenes immediately before his demise in Infinity War. This image is of happy actors sharing a laugh but what happened on screen was anything but funny.


Debrief 3

These images show us just how hands-on the Russo brothers were during the production Infinity War and Endgame. They made sure that every frame was picture perfect and that it would come out brilliant, which it did.

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