10 Reasons Why DC Should Abandon The Extended Universe

While the DCEU has surely started to grow and it seems like they are now learning from their mistakes, but there is still a lot that is very confusing and seems jumbled up and rushed about the entire Cinematic Universe. There are many fans who would agree to this even though this will not happen now as there are more than a dozen projects under development and they will not stop right in the middle of everything. Here are the reasons why WB and DC should give up its own Cinematic Universe.

There is no discernible strategy

WB just keeps adding new projects to be under development. There are 16 movies that are said to be under development right now and except Aquaman, there is nothing that seems to be under proper focus. Even the upcoming Justice League movie has been facing so many rumors about reshoots and everything, no one knows what the hell is going on with The Batman and instead of getting a director for Flashpoint, they keep adding new movies to their roster. The strategy in play seems very ineffective.

It is literally rushed

Right in the second movie, the DCEU introduced the entire Justice League. It brought so many characters in Suicide Squad. With just 4 movies out, we have seen so many characters, heard about so many more characters. So many movies are in development and they are planning for Flashpoint straight away.

It has been over ambitious from the beginning

Well, it is Zack Snyder. You will surely get great visual spectacles with little above average stories. Snyder tried to do a lot in such short span of time while trying to make it feel very epic and inspiring at the same time. But it actually became a bit messier and then came in Suicide Squad, a movie with a serious lack of plot which only survived on its theatrics and lead characters. Due to this attempt o trying to make it big, it just felt overly ambitious and they had to wait for 3 movies to get the success they wanted.

Marvel is way ahead of the competition

Looking at Marvel’s very well established and very successful Cinematic Universe, all other studios began to set up Cinematic Universes. That also gave rise to the DC Extended Universe. DC has tried to make it big right from the start in order to be a worthy competition, but Marvel has been so successful that DC might not be able to catch up to Marvel ever.

What the hell is going on with Batman??

The most controversial topic going on in the DCEU for quite a while now is The Batman. Ever since Ben Affleck stepped down and Matt Reeves took over, there have been hundreds of reports about the movie. “The script is being rewritten?, Everything is starting from scratch?, Is Affleck being replaced?, What about Deathstroke?, Is there going to be a trilogy?” All these reports and rumors have surfaced a lot now and it is unclear that what exactly is going on with the movie.

Stand-alone-features will be a better idea

What Wonder Woman has proved that solo movies might just work out better than movies like Suicide Squad where a lot of characters are involved and focusing on one or two characters becomes difficult. Wonder Woman was everything DC needed it to be and now DC is bringing a stand-alone Joker origins movie which is separate from the DCEU. It just might be a better idea than the entire cinematic universe.

DC should set trends, not follow them

DC has managed to pull off a female lead movie and it was the biggest hit any female lead movie has ever had. Marvel will have to come up strong with Captain Marvel as well. So DC should start these kinds of trends rather than following others in setting up the cinematic universe.

A Matter of Reputation

Until now, DC has got mixed reviews in all its movies except Wonder Woman. Characters like Batman carry a very big reputation along with their name and the DCEU getting mixed reviews is not what anyone would want especially the name of a character like Batman being let down after what Christopher Nolan did for the character.

The future of Joker is in danger

The Joker was somewhat ruined when he was mostly trimmed out from Suicide Squad and there have been no mentions of him ever since. Now DC is planning to make a separate movie Joker origins movie with a different actor as Joker and Jared Leto has been confirmed for Suicide Squad 2. But, all the fans are afraid that the same thing does not happen to this iconic character yet again.

Cinematic Universes may not be cool for everyone


Looking at Marvel, WB and Universal have started their own Cinematic Universes, Sony and Paramount beginning to do that next year and it seems that it is too much now. So, DC might need to be different than everyone else so they should abandon it once and for all, start fresh with individual trilogies may be.

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