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The Betrayal of Blackguard in The Suicide Squad Was Waller’s Plan?

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad opened up to positive reviews and people are loving it. Even the critics are on board with this iteration of the anti-hero team. Gunn really bought in the big guns this – Idris Elba, Sylvester Stallone, Margot Robbie, John Cena, and SNL’s favorite Pete Davidson. The Suicide Squad followed Task Force X on a mission to take down Project Starfish. Yes, the team of anti-heroes has to take down a giant starfish called Starro the Conqueror! The movie right away starts with a bang with an entire team almost getting killed. This happens because Davidson’s Blackguard reveals the location of the team to the Corta Maltese army. However, it all seems as if the Betrayal of Blackguard in The Suicide Squad was a part of Waller’s plan.

Theory: Waller’s Plan Involved The Betrayal of Blackguard in The Suicide Squad

Pete Davidson being a part of The Suicide Squad was wonderful for many of his fans. However, his role was too short. But crucial as well. Not too further in the film, it is revealed by Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, that there are actually teams. However, it was made clear that these two teams are not aware of each other. Blackguard, along with team members such as Harley Quinn, have their location locked. However, it is revealed that Blackguard double-crosses his mates and reveals the exact location to the Corta Maltese army. Now, this could very well be a plan of Amanda Waller herself.

Rick Flag instantly informs Waller of what Blackguard has done. However, Waller doesn’t seem too concerned about it. We know when it comes to losing her temper, she is infamously known for that. One simple theory is that Waller kept her cool and stayed focus on her mission. But a more plausible theory, which we’d like to believe in, is that Amanda Waller was the one who told Blackguard to betray his team.

Why Blackguard Had To Double-Cross Task Force X?

One of the many known facts about Waller is that she is only focused on America’s safety and doesn’t care about wasting life or two. Blackguard was no exception. This is one of the reasons why she chose a team of criminals because no one mourns over their death. All this while, she had another team in back-up comprised of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Ratcatcher 2.

When Bloodsport and his teammates made it to the shore, they noticed a blast that Waller called a diversion. This makes it clear that Waller either may have at the moment kept her cool, or she actually planned for this all along. Blackguard himself may have not been aware of his definite death, but Waller could have been. And she is ready to make numerous sacrifices. For Bloodsport and his team to succeed, Waller had to drive out most of the Corta Maltese army for which she used Task Force X.

Waller & Her Internal Planning

When it comes to Amanda Waller, she has a knack for always having a plan B. Well, she has numerous plans within a plan. When she introduced Bloodsport to Peacemaker, she told the former that the latter does exactly what he does. but she still chose Peacemaker for a secret mission which was to make sure that the information for Jotunheim never leaks. For this, he was even ready to waste Ratcatcher and indefinitely protects America’s involvements in Project Starfish. It did not work out.

It is pretty much possible that Waller was not aware of Blackguard’s original plan and was taken by surprise. Moreover, this actually blends well with the fact that she did not want to immediately kill Savant when he tried to escape. She waited for a good time and repeatedly told him to go back to his position. But then she is also aware of the fact that the Suicide Squad is meant to die, it’s killing or be killed. But the reality inclines more towards the theory that Waller was all the way prepared.

Waller assigned a job to Task Force X which was to die so that her other team could succeed. As mentioned above, her ultimate goal is to protect her nation by hook or by crook. Just like she chose Peacemaker for a unique mission, it’s possible that she chose Blackguard for this mission too. She sees the members of the team as dispensable. Hence, it could be that she was behind all this.

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