Here’s the REAL Reason Why Tim Miller Left Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds delivered a performance of a lifetime as Wade Wilson, hit all the right notes in the standalone movie Deadpool directed by Tim Miller. It has been the most successful Ryan Reynolds film in his entire career, the global box office collections have surpassed $750 million while the cost of production was less than $60 million. It holds the record for highest ever R-rated opening weekends, President’s day weekends and outperformed every other superhero movie which is part of X-men franchise.


Tim Miller said in an interview with Collider “He thought opening at $50 million would be great. If we could open at fifty, I would be happy. Because at the budget we were, I felt if we could open at fifty, I would get a chance to make another movie. If it didn’t, then maybe not so much. Or maybe I’d have to wait another ten years or something like that”.

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He assured the fans of a power-packed sequel to Deadpool which would be entertaining as hell. He admitted to the possibilities of bringing Cable or X-force action into the mix. He confirmed that there will not be a direct crossover of Deadpool and X-Men movies (by Bryan Singer) anytime soon, as the tone of both the franchises are poles apart. He was visibly excited and was really looking forward to directing Deadpool 2, but sadly he has decided to opt out of the project. He has cited major “creative differences” with the actor Ryan Reynolds. According to major entertainment websites, Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller could’nt see eye to eye over the casting of Cable, but Fox studios are downplaying the concerns. Tim Miller wanted Kyle Chandler as the Cable whereas Ryan Reynolds was in favor of a Hollywood heavyweight like Liam Neeson, the studio sided with Ryan Reynolds. Guess what, this ain’t a real reason why Tim Miller left. He was demanding an extra $100 million to shoot at particular locations, invest in special effects etc. but the studio was not in favor of granting his wish, so he moved on to another FOX project.

Hopefully, this will not affect the box-office performance of Deadpool 2, but Tim Miller was the instrumental guy behind the success of the first movie.

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