Prateek Asnani

Prateek Asnani

A full time MBA student and part time writer. An avid reader and sports fan. A foodie and gaming fanatic. An adventurous and inquisitive fellow. If he isn't busy trying to build a Formula One racing car, he can be found playing a game of badminton in his backyard.
  • Sep- 2015 -
    24 September

    Population in the Nation’s Balance Sheets

    A few days back, I had just finished re-reading Dan Brown’s Inferno for the third time. And it got me thinking. For those who are unaware of the book plot, it basically describes how the world population is proving to be a hindrance to development thanks to the boom in the population figures and growing lack of resources to feed…

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  • 16 September

    5 PC/CONSOLE Games That Shaped Our Childhood

    Roadrash Released in 1991 by Electronic Arts, this was a widely popular game among the 90’s generation kids. It involved participating in illegal street races along with a huge dose of violence. It was an extremely entertaining game spread over five levels, where a player could choose to buy bigger and meaner bikes as he progressed from level to level…

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