9 Games Missing From Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference

Sony kept its promise regarding the fact that the E3 was just a part of what they have in store for their fans in 2017 and the Paris Games Week Conference was a total feast for fans and the industry, in general. But even if they really managed to please the majority of fans, the ones that were expecting some specific titles were disappointed. Here is the title that somehow missed the game conference from Paris.

Sony Paris Game Week Conference
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Days Gone

A very expected title that did not manage to make the list Sony has prepared for Paris. Days Gone might have been present through the Last of Us II trailer, with some very familiar scenes. And most of the fans and commentators think this might be the reason so promoted game in the past missed this conference, too similar to Last of Us. Could Sony protect their flagship zombie-apocalypse game?


Even though Media Molecule got everyone excited a few years back when the concept for Dreams was presented. Unfortunately, the project seems to remain just a dream for avid fans all over the world. With no clear information regarding a possible release date or even a teaser at one of these conferences, it is safe to assume that some more time will pass until gamers will be able to enjoy it. But just when all hope seemed to be lost, Media Molecule shed some light yet again on Twitter that makes everyone hope again.

Death Stranding

All that Kojima did in 2017 is to reveal their new studio space, however, no extra news about their amazing game Death Stranding. After they got everyone excited about a trailer that involved Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen, the guys in charge of Death Stranding got very quiet.

Paris Game Week Conference
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Ever since Beyond Good and Evil was refreshed at E3 this year, it was beginning to be clear that we won’t be able to see Wild the same year. Well, maybe 2018 will be kinder to players and, if not, you can all enjoy a nice casino deposit bonus at a cool casino.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As they already got us used, Rockstar has their own time unit when it comes to releasing games. Even so, a big event like the Paris Game Week would have been a great occasion to make fans even more restless.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yet another huge title that we were so excited to be able to try this year, but it seems that luck is not on our side at all. Well, the hope carries on for 2018 and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Well, it’s true that there was no sign of Kingdom Hearts 3 in Paris, at least the fans got a little update regarding the adventures of the main character of the game. In the meantime it was confirmed that the sequel will come out in 2018 and, in all fairness, it’s not that far.

Shenmue 3

Besides being the most successful game on Kickstarter, Shenmue 3 did not do much to entertain us so far. Besides some behind-the-scenes trailers and teasers and the fact that Deep Silver is willing to publish it, there was no extra news.

Paris Game Week Conference
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Bloodborne 2

Well, even though Bloodborne 2 is not 100% confirmed even as a possibility, the amazing gameplay of the first Bloodborne was so intense and captivating that made any gamer think about this possibility. Unfortunately, Christmas did not come early this year.

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