With Spider-Man, A Marvel Gaming Universe May Actually be on Its Way…

Marvel has created a bar so high with their Cinematic Universe that no other franchise or even Studio could come close to doing what they have done. DC, on the other hand, have not been able to establish their Universe successfully and now they are looking to restart things anyway. But one thing that we have to admit here is that DC has only failed in the big screen area while they are way ahead of Marvel everywhere else. If you consider TV, Comics, Animated Movies and especially Video Games, DC is ahead at everything but now it is safe to say that Marvel is catching up, at least in the TV and Gaming area with the release of Spider-Man.

We may be getting a Marvel Gaming Universe now that Spider-Man has been successfully launched by Sony and people are loving it. The game was full of Easter Eggs, from Jessica Jones to Daredevil, to even Iron Man, you’re gonna find them all if you look closely. Until now, only DC games have been successful with the two Injustice games and 4 games in the Batman Arkham series. Marvel was never in the ball game, but now they are.

Sony has used Spidey remarkably well in their game. They own 900 characters from the Spider-verse, and they have used many of them really well. The game had a lot of originality, people have got to experience new villains along with some of the old ones, and making Doc Ock the big bad was actually the best choice as even in the movies, he has been the best Spider-Man villain of all time.

One can hope… from gaming

Now, a Redditor named mcmanybucks has shared a Concept Art of Iron Man in a gaming Universe and user ahmedaki has come up with a cover which makes us dream about a Marvel Gaming Universe. Have a look:

WHAT IF? from Marvel

Looking at how successful the new Spider-Man game is, and their building relationship with Sony could make this dream a reality! Iron Man is a character that can be used amazingly well in a video game, especially with the countless possibilities that could be added to his suits.

Iron Man has been the center of the MCU and he has been the big money maker for Marvel and Disney, and if a game with the high quality and standard of Spider-Man could be considered and made accessible to the people, then Marvel/Sony could be looking at another huge money maker in the gaming Universe.

Spider-Man Marvel Gaming Universe

That could also lead to a crossover gaming Universe similar to Injustice which Marvel fans have really wanted for so long! These characters are big names now and they could be really salvaged for earning some big numbers if a vs. game was successfully made with the quality of Injustice 2 and Spider-Man and not Marvel vs. Capcom.

It is a dream for now, but now that Studios out there are collaborating in many aspects, this could become a major possibility. Just imagine if we were able to follow story arcs of characters with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, or even badass characters like Winter Soldier or the Punisher, people would pay a fortune to play that!

The Deadpool game that came out in 2013 was pretty funny and great to handle, and things like that should be considered instead of just repeating characters like Batman and Spider-Man. It is time to diversify and hopefully, studios realize that in the very near future.

Sony is coming up with a Play Station 5, and new games for that console can turn out to be highly possible. With the massive growth of the Superhero genre on the big screen, people would buy these Superhero games without a doubt! There have been rumors that suggest that a Superman game is finally in the making, so Marvel could consider putting their characters in games as well. Sony may not know how to make movies, but they sure are experts in coming up with big budget games. Check out the amazing animated video given above. This cannot come true in the movies, but it sure can happen in a gaming Universe and people would love it if it were handled correctly!

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